Flaw with blind

The flaw is when you you have a team with 2 or more of the same color. For example 2 reds. 1 gets blinded and you can still miss with that color altogether. You shouldn’t miss at all because your other red is not blind. The damage issued should be reduced rather than miss.

yeah, the same effect is why you need to be careful stacking colors vs riposte (and avoid mono all together) as when 1 hero dies, the attack damage of that hero is added to the reflect onto the other of the same color, making those heroes take more dmg exponentially

When stacking colors each hit randomly decides which is the “lead” hero. This is used to work out things like your crit %, chance of barbarian skill, ranger skill or others being invoked, and also which ailments to apply… it is working as intended


Okaly dokaly neighborino!

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