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A long time ago, in a coffee house far far away…

I used to play “Magic: The Gathering”, and one of the things I truly enjoyed about the game was the addition of quotes at the bottom of the card. These quotes were either from or about the cards and added some true depth to the game’s story.

A little about each hero would add a new dimension of depth to the game overall. The only heroes we know anything about are Richard, Thorne, Vivica and Scarlett.

I would love to have a glimpse into other heroes origins and alignments.

Thanks for reading!


Melendor - may not legally reside within 300 metres of a primary school

Horghall - overused sun beds in his youth

Boldtusk - Fire Realm champion Connect 4 player

Chao - writes Glee fan fiction in his spare time

Little John - has a Massive Chop

Sabina - on Saturday nights attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings

Tyrum - 2016 runner up in The Biggest Loser

Grimm - does 5,000 sit-ups every morning before breakfast

Skittleskull - avid contributor to E&P Forum


I enthusiasticly recommend you read Xorana’ s fan fiction. Just search Xorana’, and enjoy! :smile_cat:



For Sabina, surely you mean “Necrotic Anonymous”?


Funnier than mine. Annoying.


You did the heavy lifting, I just poked it. Team effort, yay.