"Flavor" Text for Heroes / Hero Backstories or Bios

A long time ago, in a coffee house far far away…

I used to play “Magic: The Gathering”, and one of the things I truly enjoyed about the game was the addition of quotes at the bottom of the card. These quotes were either from or about the cards and added some true depth to the game’s story.

A little about each hero would add a new dimension of depth to the game overall. The only heroes we know anything about are Richard, Thorne, Vivica and Scarlett.

I would love to have a glimpse into other heroes origins and alignments.

Thanks for reading!

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Melendor - may not legally reside within 300 metres of a primary school

Horghall - overused sun beds in his youth

Boldtusk - Fire Realm champion Connect 4 player

Chao - writes Glee fan fiction in his spare time

Little John - has a Massive Chop

Sabina - on Saturday nights attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings

Tyrum - 2016 runner up in The Biggest Loser

Grimm - does 5,000 sit-ups every morning before breakfast

Skittleskull - avid contributor to E&P Forum


I enthusiasticly recommend you read Xorana’ s fan fiction. Just search Xorana’, and enjoy! :smile_cat:



For Sabina, surely you mean “Necrotic Anonymous”?


Funnier than mine. Annoying.


You did the heavy lifting, I just poked it. Team effort, yay.


Idk, I just really love the characters and would love to know more about them, whether it’s in the form of a quote or insight on their story.

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Call me stupid. Flavor text? I would not recommend eating your phone.

This must mean something I don’t get.


This made me lol :laughing:

I assume @SiegeBronx means text that gives a flavor of what the hero’s backstory or personality is like.

I associate that concept with card games like Magic: The Gathering.

Examples can be found from Googling MTG Flavor Text.

EDIT: Existing post in #ideas-feature-requests located and merged, which also references MTG.


Search fan fiction The stories really added depth for me!!!


Yo there’s fanfiction for E&P??? Lit


Loads. I hope you enjoy it :grinning:



As the title suggests, I thought of the possibility of adding a biography or even a short story for each hero. I thought of several considerations to doing this and will state a few reasons for this and some suggestion on how it can improve aesthetics and even influence gameplay. :slight_smile:

Why is there a need for hero stories?
Currently, whenever we receive a new hero from the training camp, an epic hero token or from gem rolls, it seems a little arbitrary even though the Atlantis, monthly events and featured hero of the month do influence this a little.

Having a hero story/backstory gives a better perspective and flavour for the roster of heroes one has and could even influence team composition slightly or who to level up next.

Where can they be added?
Like I saw in an earlier post, the full image portraits of heroes are used only in one place and not featured anywhere else. To perhaps ensure more interaction, hero backstories could be featured in a scroll down column beneath the hero portraits.

Gameplay? What other gameplay implications could there be?
While I have not thought through all the balance and meta consequences for this suggestion just yet, a few ideas I had were adding a playable hero storyline much like the current quests. For an added layer of challenge and intrigue, the next step or stage in a quest could only be unlocked via playing through a specific stage based on the storyline content.

The rewards of course will be commensurate on difficulty or in some cases, obscurity of the requirements. It could even be randomised somewhat in certain elements.

If any devs happen to pop by and see this thread, I would be more happy to contribute some sample stories and examples of what I mentioned. What do you guys think? Feel free to jump in and play devil’s advocate or even suggest ideas for specific heroes.

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@Anaris As a bit of fum check out some of the fan fiction back stories in here created by Forum members E&P Fanfiction Library - an index of short stories, poetry and fiction

Oh my, that’s awesome! I didn’t exactly have fanfic in mind but thanks for sharing that! Will be crawling through those stories when I have the chance! :smiley:


I’ve been beating this drum for 18 months :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve written numerous backstories that can be found in the Library linked by @GelatinousPilot. Several, such as The Chair, Reprise! and Druid to Barbarian I consider to form a cannon.

Others such as Desert Eagle .50 or Specific Ring are stand-alone flights of fancy.

@Xorana has long since departed the forum but wrote numerous excellent tales.


And they are excellent @JonahTheBard!

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I was about to post on this topic and found this thread. I’m thinking a storyline quest for each particular hero explaining their backstory or something reminiscent of the ME loyalty quests that make a hero you probably wouldn’t use essential.
My biggest question: where did Skittles get all the candy for that ridiculous costume?
That and landing Tibs a recording contract would be incredible.

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