Flask Trade-In Store

Picture this:
In the game there would be a Trade Store, where any player could bring in their excess of raid flasks and trade them in for the world or alliance flasks they need. Trade 2 raid flasks for 1 world flask; and, 3 raid flasks for 1 alliance flask. For example. Myself and many members of my alliance have an excess of raid flasks, as the raids are often impossible to win.
Please give the idea for a Flask Trade-In Store a look. Thank you.


i think raid flasks would be plentiful amongst players since many players avoid raiding due to its infuriating nature. Doubt the developers would ever allow trading for alliance flask but I could see them allowing raid flask for world flask. Good idea on that point.

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I have read many posts asking the dev’s to allow for trading items . You are the first I’ve seen to suggest a platform in which to do so, bravo gideon! I like it.

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Being the leader of my alliance, I get to hear what my people are saying. It is from our game chatroom that the ideas for things needed come forward. So I can’t take all the credit. Thank you for the encouragement!

Even better empty ones that you can fill with your own energy… either a 4* item that can be used 1 time or a reward for completing a season that can be used over and over…

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Thank you!

And thank you for the positive nature of your post! It is a drink of fresh cool water to receive such a pleasant response!

Thanks again!