Flask poition

Hey game mods how about added titan flask in shop for 150 gems or 200 gems that’s would get you more player to play my opinion

The mods are volunteer helpers (and many thanks to them). You might post this to the idea and feature request category, so that an SG employee might notice it.

Yes why not it will come in handy for all players including me as I’m always spending money on this game

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The game has designed limits on the rate of acquiring ascension materials, balancing it to try not to give large paying players too much of an advantage over those who can’t pay much or at all. Making titans, with their greater chance of ascension material drops, easier to kill for people who can pay will break that intended limit. Blatantly outright pay to win is bad for the game.

That and it takes the challenge away from climbing up the titan ladder and killing the more powerful ones, if you can just keep on buying flasks to make a kill no matter how good or bad your team is.

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