Flask Building


sometimes you got full energy but you got no time to play. It would be nice if you add a building where you can exchange your full mission/raid/titan energy to a flask.
You can add (cheap) empty flasks to the diamond shop and allow people to use it together with much meat or iron in the building to create that flasks.
Would be nice for titans too, if your alliance said “stop attack” and you have 3 energy left.

Greetings, Rowdy

SG makes money off of refilling your world energy (100 gems) therefore it’s unlikely to change. If flasks were that easy to come by, they’d be losing out on revenue. You could make ~4+ flasks per day, as opposed to zero right now. While it would be nice, it won’t happen.

If they add empty flasks for lets say 25 gems to the shop, they will still make profit.
If you need 1000k meat for a flask, you can’t make that much flasks a day.

A player who is busy and got no time to waste his energy is angry and got full ressources anyway. He won’t refill his energy when he is not playing, but he can buy 1 or 2 empty flasks…

The purpose of such a game should be to build the best possible game for the players, which they enjoy.
So if they add more benefits like this, they get more players and the players will be more active.
Means more gems at all for SG :face_with_raised_eyebrow: