Flash offer states WAY too high a value!

I have a special “flash offer” of 200 gems for 1,99 (euro). The regular price is 400 for 4,99. The special offer states that it represents “360% value”.

How is the value of the other stuff you get calculated?

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You also get an epic troop token (200 gems), bomb attack (80 gems), and super healing potion (100 gems) with the flash offer. 580 gems worth of stuff, including gems, for 1.99.

So divide 580 by 160 (the gems you get for $2 at the 5 for 400 rate) and you end up with 3.625 or 362.5%.


I have the same offer but then for €2.29 - with only 340% value, so at least you’re getting a better deal! :rofl:


You’re right, it makes sense if you calculate it like that.

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