Flags for Titians


Maybe it would be an idea to add a place where we can buy flags for the titans for gems like u do with the other flags for lives n etc, just a thought anyone else?


I would even like if they let you convert a different flask into an alliance flask. Maybe with iron/food. I have 7-8 raid ones that I don’t think I’ll ever use.


Titian match is the only plase you need to be a team to get through, if you started to put gems in to alliace energi, what is then the point to be in an alliace if you can bye your self to victory whit gems. Keep alliace bottle hard to get and not for gems.

I use my raid bottle when spesial hero coffin is up…


While individual flags are not available, SG does sell flask packs from time to time:



Having a resource and don’t usin it is a real waste.
Speed up raids chest may be really useful, and steal ham from others is a must do.

For me blue flasks are better then red.


Have no problems with buying sometimes alliance energy in this way.
What I’m having trouble is when you have an unlimited opportunity to buy it.
Then you lose some of the meaning of the game.
Where does the chalange of the game go?


I would rather see 4 energy total so I don’t idle at 3/3 when I wake up.


I gotten that package b 4, i guess even if they would give them in a chest now n then could be nice too


Purple flasks are my favorite. We are a Titan-killing alliance after all! :grin: