Flag timer bug

There is something wrong with the flag timers and the timers in general. I noticed this when i was waiting for the event to appear. It took 15 minutes for the 5 min. countdown, but i thought i was just so nervous about my upcuming pulls (which were the worst possible as always) that i felt 5 minutes 15. But thats not the case. I just tested it with my titan flag counter, it said 8 minutes until next flag, so i put down the phone and played an entire round in TF2 (around 15 minutes or so), when i finished i checked my timer and it said 7 minutes. How is this possible? I made a test and locked my phone and counted 30 seconds and checked the timer again, it remained the same when i locked my phone, so the timer is only counting when my phone is active and Im in-game.
UPDATE: I wrote a message in Line to my alliance members that i would have a flag in 10 mins, that was at 15:10, i got the flag at 15:45

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