Flag pins, how they work?

Hi! It’s not actually a bug, thats why I posted here…
I just bought a flag pin, it was black so I thought once I bought it I could choose the flag… But I couldn’t find an actual flag anywhere… so now I’m thinking I just spent 200 gems on a black dot… :black_circle: am i right? :cry::weary: or there is something I’m missing?

Yup. You bought a black dot :frowning:

All flag pins are reduced from their normal rectangular shape down to a circle. Same as your avatar image here is reduced from it’s normal size/shape down to being a circular cut-out.

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Wow! Thanks, I should’ve search in the forum before… so I get what I’m seeing… no wander was on sale, I wouldn’t buy it if I knew… Worse spent ever… hahaha :crazy_face::crazy_face:


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