👺 Fizzcoil - 5* Ice / Blue from Goblin Village

I’m having fun lately pairing Fizzcoil & Timius on raids.


I actually have this one and think he is one of the most practical with great longevity. Vote here and tell us what you think.

I have him, and he’s great except superior clerics almost inevitably reflect the mana ailment, which means he self-nerfs against Vivica and you can’t avoid it because of the hit all.

Love this guy … also learned he’s quite handy in Equalizer War as his mana debuff will cause a mana cut when the Equalization removes it. Can mess with a lot of attack teams.

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I have a question… My Fizzy is currently at 4/80 and fully emblemed. I’m lacking 2 alpha aether III to LB him. I still have a last reset token, shall I strip Crystallis? I rarely use her now.

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i don’t have her but consider this:

she has something very unique (reducing the buff duration by 1)
i use asterius and dark lord and many times that part helped me against aramis protection when he was common especially when it has 1 turn left

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Sometimes I find that this game doesn’t give these less mentioned heroes enough credits… Thank you for the input! May be I shall just wait till the next blue omega in a few months time.


You can honestly use both of them together for a devastating effect. Use fizzcoil first, then use chrysalis.

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I think this shouldn’t be here

Debating going def and health on this one since his dmg is 240%. Keep him alive longer to keep wither and mana debuff going longer. Thoughts?

I’m not speaking from experience with him, but since he’s a rogue and has that annoying goblin accuracy reduction I’d still lean towards attack.

This is mine with all attack path except the mana node. He is pretty solid for what he does. He survives on dodge and blind most times. He setup the wither which is marginally useful. But his main selling point it the mana debuff. It has helped manage fights a lot of times.

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And that’s why I was thinking Defense. His passives and mana are his big skills. Adding 100 to his attack at 240% doesn’t feel like it’s going to make a big impact in take downs. Usually when I run into him the damage he does isn’t overwhelming unless I’m down and out and he goes off for cleanup! Lol

Yes, it makes sense keeping him alive as long as possible.
But for me, I wanted to extract every ounce of damage i can get out of damage dealers.
So i made that decision. He hits around 600 to all with no buffs or debuffs.

I’m looking forward to using him. Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which way to go on a hero- a lot of time and resources not something I want to do over and over on the same guy. Thanks again

I’m using him everywhere.
He’s OP
As I told someday:


Blimping it up!

I’ve seen Fizzcoil nearly wipe out an entire team of meta heroes and he only fired twice!

His first hit hurts for sure, but that same hit with the wither in effect is so much harder.

Now I actually have a use again for costume Master Lepus with Fizzcoil to soften the enemy up first.

Well, I got my Fizzcoli in December, and was very happy.
Today this happened…

I can’t wait to test trio Fizzcoli, Fizzcoli, Milena :smiley: