👺 Fizzcoil - 5* Ice / Blue from Goblin Village

those people that mentioned hes doing not enough damage have a look at 23:33

600 base damage plus 200 from his passive which gets boosted by wither and his 2lb extra attack

looks decent for a fast hero ?


“generally” :rofl: :face_with_spiral_eyes:
easy going after 2 time fizz hit

I LB2 him today and i am pairing him with C2 Magni and Milena LB2. Mag and Fizz is 3 kills and if needed Milena can add her punch too. I rarely activated his blind so far but his mana debuff is excellent. I add Persa to the mix and have her mana debuff take over when his debuff comes to an end. But if these cards fire the battle is usually over before the debuff takes charge.