Fixing the issue with duplicate 4*s

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3 suggestions for extra 4s. Since hero academy doesn’t offer anything valuable for the extra 4s we have, and the entire communities best efforts to ask for trading has been completely ignored…our clan did some brainstorming on alternate suggestions. here were some of our ideas.

  1. Give the option to convert the 4* into a 4* trainer hero, same with duplicate 3s. With a converted 4 you gain 5,000 xp instead of 900xp. Duplicate 4*s now become valuable leveling resources.

  2. Give players an altar building that unlocks at level 15. The Altar allows you to choose the gate you wish to summon from, and for a steeper price choose the specific hero you would like to summon.

20 4s sacrificed will guarantee 1 Random season 1 5
30 4*= 1 random 5* from either Valhalla or Atlantis you choose which Gate.
40 4s=1 random 5 from a challenge event of your choosing
50 4s=1 random 5 from a seasonal event Of your choosing .

If players desire to choose a specific hero from one of the above categories they will have to add an additional 1.5x multiplier to the base amount.

For example if they wanted to choose Joon it would cost 20+30(1.5 multiplier) so 50 4*s in total for joon.

If they wanted to choose mother north she would cost 125 4*s.

These are steep prices, but better than throwing away a 4* for 900xp.

Finally, allow players to Convert duplicate 3, 4, and 5* heroes into guild currency. This guild currency can then be used to purchase and distribute additional prizes.

With this idea we also though it would be fun to allow guild leaders to post events that guild-mates can compete in for a set amount of guild currency to be spent at the guild shop. The shop would contain all the various summoning coins, battle items, iron/food bundles.

Event ideas:
highest titan score

Killing blow on titan

Highest tournament/challenge event score

Best score in guild war

Silver summoning coin challenge(you use your silver summoning coins to see who can get the best pull best value would be: 1* hero, 1* troop, 2* hero, 2* troop, 3* hero and then 3* troop. Highest roll wins. If 2 players tie those players pull again and the highest advances. Set up like a tournament in a bracket system.

Who can greet the most villagers in 60 seconds. Who can kill a flock of birds/the dragon the fastest.

Little mini games that make being part of a guild more fun. The guild leader only has guild coins to give away if players give their duplicate 3/4/5* heroes to gain guild coins, but it’s more fun than holding onto 6 boldtusks lol. Players could have 12-24 hours to compete in the event from the moment the event launches.

If guild currency was implemented in the game, Then it could also be given to players for participating in guild wars as well, better performance more guild coins. Could be tons of fun.

All of this is interesting but I think the developers have different priorities. The business model is focused on monetising your frustration, so why would they develop all of the things you list that might reduce your frustration ?

They have a development pipeline which offers new features which are likely to make them money, and if you want these features implemented you might want to consider how they would be of advantage to the developers and their rapacious parent company in terms of revenue streams

I know that sounds cynical but it’s nothing personal - it’s a business for them


I will never have 50 4* heroes… :sleepy:

why would SG let you use your 4* to get fancy 5*, when they can make you use money to get fancy 5*?

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If I knew that getting duplicate 4*s would actually be of use I’d spend more money, not less since I’d be working towards something I actually wanted every time I summoned.
@baga this point answers your comment too

Interesting point.

But do they think that would be the case across the population of players? This is about demographics and revenue, not an individual

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good idea. I would probably buy more hero slots for one thing. Just not sure whether the revenue numbers would agree

I think they would, right now the trend seems to be players play for a while, spend a little, but then quit. If you create a Feature that you can work towards over months then Players will commit and spend to help speed up that process.

It leaves the rng in place With a safeguard.

For perspective if you got an epic 1/4 of your summons.

It would still take 600 summons to choose 1 hero.

That means you have to do 60 sets of 10 summons at 3,000 gems per 10 summons.

60x3,000 180,000 gems. Lol. The difference now is that the 4* you get from tc 13/20 would actually matter.

So maybe you’d get 1 seasonal hero per year, with spending. Which is why I think they should include the sacrifice of 3*s to help reduce it below 180,000 gems lol.

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Converting heroes in Trainer Heroes would be a good idea.

I would also love a building to exchange multiple heroes for emblems, event coins and costume keys - nothing from another world, other games already allow that and you’ll probably exchange double 4 stars for pulling a 3 star with the resources you’ve got- hero academy COULD do that but they released an useless overpriced building instead. Sigh. I mean, 10 epic heroes for 5 emblems of a random class would be nice.

Now choosing portals, picking specific heroes… not even a discussion. Not gonna happen.

They even nerfed to death all Heroes Of The Month and probably will keep them barely useful only to force us into trying Tavern of Legends ridicuouls odds portal.

Don’t expect that much kindness then but I like most of the viable ideas there.

Remember empires doesn’t want you to be a long time player, they only want you to waste your money until you realise you can’t max all heroes you’ve got and force you to rage quit.

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Ive been holding quite a few 4* duplicates because im afraid to feed them and then SG introduces something like a SE.

Duplicate 4*? What are those? I’ve fed extra 4*'s to a 3*.

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Since you can bake S1 4* heroes in the hero academy, no chance that they will get any more value than food.