Fixing my leveling problem - soul exchange

Hey all, trying to figure out what my leveling plans will be going forward considering the upcoming soul exchange and my loaded TCs and HA. So a little background first. Lvl 86, max budget $15-$20 per month, and I consider myself on the unlucky side of listed odds. I am missing out on many of the more premium heroes. I have 1 lvl80 of all season 1 legendaries except khagan who is on his way. I have lvl80 dupes of Lianna, Leo, and Marj. I have 11 unleveled legendaries for soul exchange but want to get to 20.

I have discontinued HA 10 but then realized I have 265 days of troop trainings qued. I have about twice that qued in TC 11. My goal would be to utilize soul exchange to get those premium heroes I am lacking.

So right now I have 1 TC20 running, 1 TC 11 loaded, 1 TC 2 going to level the few heroes I do care to work on, and HA whatever giving me troops I’m only using as feeders. I guess the heart of the question is do I dump those massive ques to start duplicate TC20s, and do I just loose those recruits i and iron the process? I’m sure I could find something to do with the extra food.

Anyway trying to not ramble too much. Thanks for any thoughts. I can’t be the only one with this question.

Might as well keep holding until you have 20. By that time the 3rd tier of heroes might have someone very useful to your roster.

I generally operate off of waste not, want not. I would think that you could swap around TC’s without touching HA.

Before we start, did you convert a TC to HA or another advanced building? I keep all 4 TC’s, I convert one mine to Hunter’s Lodge only when I need HL crafts. When HL crafts are complete, I convert it back to a mine. I’m guessing that your buildings are all built.

The problem that I would have is too many waiting to be used feeders in a TC keeping me from swapping it to a different level. If you don’t have too many feeders, just swap one to tc20 by moving recruits around. You’ll have 2 days in TC20 to get another hundred recruits to keep it going, and going.

If you have too many feeders, I would unload food out of AL and power level away until the TC is “unlocked”, then swap recruits around to unload it.

On a side note the best building to hide away is the barracks since you never need to store anything there, HL AL and HA can all have actions going over time but barracks is always instant.

So I keep the barracks converted away and then just swap a mine out for barracks to level then when I’m done put it back to a mine. It’s the most efficient option for juggling the advanced buildings


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