[FIXED] Wrong scoring on Alliance War & Incorrect battle timer visualisation

Yes, it ran the full time.

This is an known issue, this will be merged into an different topic.

Recent war I beat all except 1 I timed out and it glitched and put my score at 0 and opponent has full team. Please fix this. I have asked and it’s happened to many people already.

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One of the members in our Alliance was attacking an enemy during the War and after killing two of the hero’s on the enemy team the time ended and the points for killing the two enemy hero’s weren’t given.

The members flag was used, and it was a full team that they attacked. The score also showed zero after the attack.

Could you’ll please look into this.

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Same bug for someone in my Alliance.

Yeah it sucks, especially when you need to catch up with points

Maybe this could help (if it’s a bug related to heroes).
He fought against : Vivica toon, GestAlt, Obakan 2cost, Ruselangue (green goblin) and Magni.
He killed GestAlt and Obakan, for 0 points.

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Same thing happened to me today. Was this issue already addressed?

I had this bug occur twice, in Wednesday’s war and again today. It timed out, then went to the war screen with a spinning circle and unable to do anything on that screen.

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Exact same thing just happened to me. So frustrating…

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I had the same experience Wednesday and again just now. If the battle times out - even though I took down two opponents, (a) I got zero points, (b) my war flag is gone, (c) the heroes I used are now down and not available, and (d) the opponents’ heroes that I defeated are still standing like I did no damage whatsoever. And there is nothing a player can do to avoid this

Technically there is a thing to do before it gets fixed and that’s to flee before the timer runs out.

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same here I attacked in the war and killed a number of them, but i got zero point … why ??

ERROR in Punctuation and “Bug” in War after the end of the playing time
DEAR Support of SG “WAR of the Alliance” in Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG

In my last 2 Wars. I have attacked an enemy with (team FULL 5 dolls) and killed 3 dolls. But, there were 2 dolls left and time was up.
My score was zero. Is this a game error or bug? I’m waiting for a solution from support. Well, other members were also harmed like this and we lost the War in the Alliance: Sovereign Nation
I await a solution from “SG” for this “Bug” in the game: Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG.

Sincerely: Prof. Dr. Laécio Santos Cavalcante
ID: LSCavalcante

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It really was a mistake. Well, I attacked a FULL team (5 Dolls)… I killed 3 enemies and there were 2 alive dolls left… And in the end, after the time ran out, I had ZERO pts…
I want GS to resolve this for the next Alliance War in the game “Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG”

Reported when it happened. Got a small gift and a nice note in response.

Yeah, I don’t expect that the war score can be altered post the fact.

Hopefully the bug gets fixed before the next war

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I doubt that. I’m pretty sure they need to do a client update to fix this issue and it seems v67.1 hasn’t fixed this issue (since people are still reporting about it) so let’s hope for v68 to fix it (release ETA 10th June).


This needs to be fixed. Several members defeated their opponents for a Zero score. I timed out with only one hero left on the opposing team and got a Zero score.
This is pathetic.