[FIXED] Server Down 4/26/2019 – Server Team Resolved, Compensation (Titan Flask) Being Issued to those that Logs show were affected

I was battling in the raid tournament and now have 3 strikes!! All because the game decided to kick me out due to high capacity and connecting issues. I’m HIGHLY upset!!!

Server is full. Ok well don’t know anymore

More like get your money back or grant 3 five star heroes. :confused:

Is anyone else getting kicked out off the game today?? I keep getting the server is full message on my screen and then am
Unable to get back in. I’ve lost points and games over this and am not happy

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Yes, read back. SG is working on it. :slight_smile:


Really in the middle of a fight you’re telling me the server is full and kick me out!!!

lol you want your 40 bucks back too?

In order to post your screenshots please BLOCK OUT YOUR ACCOUNT INFO in the lower right corner like this


Do we really need more screenshots of the same thing? What we need is a sorry from SG. Considering they gave a titan flask for the whole war fiasco I am expecting 1-2 red potions or a single gem :smiley:

I lost 16 energy, which isn’t that bad, but who would want to wait 3 hours and risk doing the gem quest again after this? :-1:


@team, is it possible that during the server issues that there has been a data loss of the last 2-5 minutes? Around 5 minutes before I was kicked out I managed to finish the final level of the spring event. That also saved on the server. About 2-3 minutes later I spent 350 gems for the atlantis summon and pulled Wilbur. After that, I have been kicked out. When I have been able to log in again, Wilbur was gone and the 350 gems back on my account. As more as annoying as I pulled again and picked Mnesseus instead…

Ok, i know that this csn happend, but i in our alliance we want to use titan energy refill, but we cant :smiley: And another thing, i was using in my second account my energy for last springvale advanced level, so i started and was kicked out due connectivity lost, as i was saying, i understand it, but when you are so practical at summoning, you might be practical at compensating this :wink:

Servers are down and just wait for all the players who pulled a five star using their atlantis tokens who were over the moon, until their progress was lost. Well. At least they got their tokens back so they could pull a 3* :smiley:

We believe we have now fixed the issue that caused players to be unable to connect to the game for the past hour. We are still monitoring the situation here. Thank you again for your patience!


Lol that would be a pipe dream. I think a flask is fair though for these server issues.

Im still experiencing the outage. Any idea if there will be any corrections on flags? I lost 2 titan and several world flags.

One of my epic hero tokens is gone, but I never used it.

I think you should contact Support directly about that:

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They apologized back in post 24, and I believe they are still working on this:


and what does recent activity say?

The response to my ticket was that they know about the issue and to check here. That’s a nice cycle there. Hot potato

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