[FIXED] Server Down 4/26/2019 – Server Team Resolved, Compensation (Titan Flask) Being Issued to those that Logs show were affected

Yes i have lost connection during atlantis stage and atomos disapear :confused:

I have to beat this stage twice… :confused:

Forgot to mention that I’m on android, my husband also was disconnected.

Our Wifi/Internet is working fine.

Just got booted in the middle of a Titan battle. Now it says that the servers are at capacity and won’t let me back in.

Sounds like SGG should invest some of that half a billion dollars into some better server infrastructure. No more small developer excuses. Fix it.

I spent 15 energy for the springvale advanced level 15. I was just about to kill the 5* rabbit. I spent some items for this war too. I wonder what can compensate this.

Just was about to finish off another lvl in Atlantis and the game kicked me out saying “Game at maximum capacity. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try again later.” Waste of flags and now I have to use even more flags to finish a lvl that I only had at most 3 more hits to finish them off.

Is the last days for this game

Don’t know how soon this should have been implemented, but I just got the server full message while fighting Ursena within the last 5 minutes. Not sure if it isn’t actually fixed, or if the fix hasn’t come through yet.

There is that flashing Wifi graphic that indicates a connectivity issue (made available a couple of releases ago). Kind of experiencing sporadic connection failure and reconnection patterns. Fortunately I wasn’t really fighting a Titan or doing a level that requires a lot of WE at the moment.


moderator’s note: screenshot with private account ID removed by @zephyr1

Moderator’s Note

I sent a message to Staff to let them know people are still having connection issues even after the fix that was put in place.


Same here. Finishing one of Atlantis levels. 9 energy gone just like that… oh dear!!!

I can’t enter in the game. Again problems with raid and war? Again we don’t play war? Please stop raid tournament and let us to play war, because is only thing for we play this game.


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I got kicked while doing the 16 WE gem mission. Great. That’s like 3 hours of waiting for energy gone… geez.

Moderator’s Note

Update from Staff: the server team is still working on a fix.


Back in now. Raid I’d just won not showing. Quest I’d completed now incomplete. Monster chest I’d filled now not filled. And when I filled it this time the loot was worse.

Thank you Zephyr, and the SG team for trying to fix asap.


Same issue here. 9 we Flags wasted. Then when I tried to reconnect, servers too busy. Took several minutes of trying to get back in.

moderator’s note: image with private Account ID removed by @zephyr1

I can’t connect whit the game :frowning:

I had the same thing happen to me. Absolute BS. Already pretty upset on the minimal rewards this game gives and that I spent $40 on a bunch of 3 star crap, but this takes the cake. I feel like some flasks should be issued for the games server problems affecting players

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