[FIXED] Server Down 4/26/2019 – Server Team Resolved, Compensation (Titan Flask) Being Issued to those that Logs show were affected

Servers are down and just wait for all the players who pulled a five star using their atlantis tokens who were over the moon, until their progress was lost. Well. At least they got their tokens back so they could pull a 3* :smiley:

We believe we have now fixed the issue that caused players to be unable to connect to the game for the past hour. We are still monitoring the situation here. Thank you again for your patience!


Lol that would be a pipe dream. I think a flask is fair though for these server issues.

Im still experiencing the outage. Any idea if there will be any corrections on flags? I lost 2 titan and several world flags.

One of my epic hero tokens is gone, but I never used it.

I think you should contact Support directly about that:

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They apologized back in post 24, and I believe they are still working on this:


and what does recent activity say?

The response to my ticket was that they know about the issue and to check here. That’s a nice cycle there. Hot potato

I was replying specifically to @husky21 about a missing token being worth contacting Support about:

For general things like lost flags, I’d wait to see if they resolve those next week when they address compensation.

I was more concerned about a token that seemed to have randomly gone missing — just wanted to make sure it didn’t get overlooked. :slight_smile:


Submitted my request already, thank you so much.

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I got kicked out when i was in middle of raid tournament fight which i was winning and then it classed me as loser and now i got my 4th loss, so i didnt even get the points i should of got and will need to spend gems tomorrow to continue with the tourney as am already in 1-5% group and probably could have been even better.

I got kicked out earlier and when I got back in it hadn’t just zeroed the atlantis hard level I was doing, it also “forgot” the one I had already finished… all the flags were gone though which is especially irritating since I was using WE flasks to get Atlantis finished. I didn’t get monster credits for my chest either. Really peaved :frowning: Basically it didn’t just throw me out, it totally crashed and forgot progress… but remembered to take my flags! :sob:

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I didn’t get the 15 heroes to my hero chest and the 3 battles i had won credited. I also don’t know if i lost feeder heroes/hams used to feed those heroes. Frustrating in the least.
Definitely felt like a setback of the grinding we do on this game.
I know we have the new activity log, but one of the heroes it said i consumed was actually still in my roster. Sigh.

Booted from Ursula or whatever her ugly face name was about an hour ago. Logged back in minus the 10 WE I wasted. Yawn :frowning:

Nope, not fixed yet. In war, I hit attacked. Game squawked about not be able to connect to server. I am now apparently locked in a battle that I can’t get to and one of my war flags is now shot.

I had selected my team hit attack, got the server message. When reconnected, I got a message that the opponent i had chosen was already being attacked…by me. Timed out, lost the fight, my team and my flag.

I was booted from a war hit. I hit attack and then there was a server issue. When I logged back in I was greeted with a loss of flag


This just happens to some teams in my alliance during the war, the server problems!

Or should we open a new thread? This one was fixed.

Same here in war for several teammates of air eau hic!
The teammates are located in France and USA
Like @Kfunk @CtrlV @BUBBLEHEAD616 and @Titee

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