Fixed Raids

There is no way the raids are not fixed. It’s NOT based on your special skills or power. The random matches are NOT random either when they ONLY match you with +300 to 500+ power above yours. You can re-roll all you want it as you can see from my screen shots and they didn’t stop. I had to stop re-rolling and leave it alone as you can see my food went 300,000 down to 101,000 and I realized it’s completely rigged.


Your team shouldn’t be at 2000 cups so that is why you see these teams

Also in the first one you gain 50 and lose 11 so that’s worth the effort

Where do you see that I gained 50? I didn’t gain any caue I didn’t battle they were way too powerful. Any why should I be at 2000 cups?

you COULD HAVE gained 50 cups and could have lost 11 which is a good ratio, I tend to do those raids against any team

And I said you shouldn’t be at 2000 cups because if you have the issue that everyone is stronger and you have to re roll a lot, probably means your team isn’t good for that class range

My advice: drop to around 1300 cups where you can get tons of food and iron and fill raid chests with ease while you work on your base and heroes

I did that for a while and came back to compete at diamond with no trouble

I can’t level up 2 of my hero’s due to ascension items they don’t want to give out lol the they are about to lose a big spender in the game. Between rigged raids, the bug issue with my food it’s getting ridiculous. I enjoy the game and don’t mind spending money to play it but if it’s gonna get ridiculous with bugs/rigged raids/titan issues and things I can take my money and play a different game and when I say big spender I don’t mean couple bucks either. I mean $100’s because I like to play when ever without having to worry about energy. Hope they get this crap figured out pretty quick or their loss not mine.

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I’m in the same league as you and I see teams in between 3250 and 4000. If luck is not good and only strong opponents come, I leave it for a couple of hours and then try again. It works.

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I am also around your team power and it definitely starts getting impossible the higher you get in cups. My strategy is to keep my cups around 1650-1800 so that when I finish the Hero chest I am usually up to platinum and can open the chest at the platinum reward. I sometimes just raid for fun but when I do I usually look for teams that have a lot of food or iron I mean at least 50000+ or attack whoever comes up and take them on no matter the difference, sometimes I win sometimes I don’t. Don’t waste food trying to reroll just focus on farming feeder heroes and upgrading your team and eventually you’ll be able to take on higher trophies. Also it is good to have 2 or 3 high level heroes in the same color so you can tailor your attack team against their defense team. Don’t stress out too much about trophies unless you’re about to open a hero chest.


I have 6 teams total. That’s just my highest. At the moment most of my teams are waiting in ascension items examples-
2 little Johns, 2 Colens, ObaKan, Aeron can’t level up anymore because they are all waiting for ascension items. ObaKan & Aeron require the same Ascension items that’s gonna be a tough call to make. 1 would have been ascended by now but the quest I completed didn’t give me any of the rewards. Another issue all in its self. I’ve even done the buy ascension items for like 1500 gems and it ended up giving me a pack back and manual every time so I quit trying to buy them.

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I won’t say that there isn’t an issue with raids right now. I actually just started a topic requesting people to attack me cause I don’t get direct raids. All I get are revenge raids even though I put out an easy team to wipe out.

Having said that, I also think that you shouldn’t be in that cup range. Try to Hang around in 1300-1500 range for now. Platinum chests aren’t the best source of ascension materials anyways.

I don’t raid for ascension items I do it for food and the trophies help your overall alliance score.

If you’re raiding for food I definitely would not skip that much and be at that high of a trophy range. If raiding for food I usually only allow myself 4-5 skips or I just attack whoever comes up right away. A comfortable position would be gold ranges. As for alliance score…that’s between you and your alliance, are they making you keep a specific trophy range or something?

The titans and the trophies determines your overall alliance score

1: Raid matching is based on your cups. When you raid you get opponents within ±280 cups of yours. (Correct me if I’m wrong on the number of cups)

2: Raid board are completely random. Some suck, some are normal, some will be great.

3: If you raid for food, drop cups.


For the love of god stop rigging the raids your not even trying to hide it now. I can see why they don’t allow videos on here people will be posting how rigged the raids really freaking are and FIX the dang FOOD glitch already or you’re gonna lose a lot of money from people leaving the game myself included.

Have you tried uploading to youtube and posting a link? I would like to see what you’re talking about.

Edit: If you’re talking about the rerolls they match you plus or minus 300 depending on TROPHY/Cup count not Team Power.

Sorry, there is only one thing to say about the raid system - it is code that should have never been compiled and the developers should be ASHAMED! Go to your rooms and think about what you’ve done!!

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Honestly, I do not understand your complaints, obviously there will come a time when you can not win more battles. Besides, your team is bad, Little Jonh and Colen are bad heroes for raids. The cups are absolutely useless, only ego. I think you should learn game strategy and how heroes should be used.


This was resolved and it wasn’t just that team, it was any team I was using and when I say resolved I mean I had raid bug and food bug but it’s been fixed. Thanks though!

I’ve been trying to get a fourth hidden blade for months. I also just spent 1800 gems rolling three times to try and get a blade but received EXACTLY what you did… Practically each time. I like the game too but we have to have easier access to assention materials.

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There was a rare quest on May 2nd with hidden blade and mystic rings.

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