[FIXED] Raid Tournament delayed 09/08/20 MASTER [Staff response post #38]

Why is there no date for the next raid ?


That one is over

Entry phase for the next one starts tomorrow

Actual tourney begins tomorrow night/monday morning

No date probly cause it’s literally exact same start and end times every week

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That is kind of weird, so I went and looked to verify. Normally there’s a countdown to the next tournament. This time there’s a message saying that it hasn’t been scheduled yet.

Mods or anyone know what’s happening?


Yes, wtf is going on please?
No announcement or in game message, it’s strange

Wait less than 12 hours and see what happens. What’s the big deal with using a smidge of patience?

Good gaming!


I can do patience, its the unknown I have a problem with. What if its some sort of surprise? Aaackkkk!!! :scream:

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Got it. You’re within 1% and about 3xx points from the top.

Just saw this. I’ve heard nothing that would tell me they’re skipping a week. We shall find out soon enough.


Like “Velluria” a mysterious blue and green (Aqua?) hero designed to enrage…

Well, it is past the starting time to join or skip raid tourneys. SG hasnt announced anything, right?

@Petri @KiraSG @EmpiresPuzzles

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Starting time is actually in 20 minutes, but I agree that some communication would be nice.

Don’t they usually start at the same time with the class quest? No matter, we’ll soon find out is there’s a problem or not… but if there is one, we should be told what to expect…

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Usually prep phase starts right now, but not this time…

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Yup… something’s wrong… of course, we don’t need to know what’s going on…

Still no tournament started what’s going on??? Everything else has reset…we should be able to join now Sunday morning ???

What I’m always looking forward to on Sunday is setting up a defense team for the tournament, and what’s that announcement supposed to mean? Next raids tournament has not yet been sheduled ??? I hope the tournaments are not over



Enquiries have been made with staff.

But it is Sunday, so please be patient :slightly_smiling_face:



Images of beta raid formations removed by lovely moderator

This might be the answer

“Raid tournaments remain unaffected”

So the new formations aren’t behind this.