[FIXED] Hero League not counting "Defeat Druid enemies" task in PoG

Dear devs,
Somehow part of PoG tasks aren’t apply to PoG, while other are.

  1. “Defeat Druid enemies” - not counting.
  2. Healing and “Defeat Dark enemies” - works good.

And yes, I have defeated a few druids ))
I double checked, and other players sent me this issue.

@Petri , @PlayForFun , @Dudeious.Maximus , kindly ask for your attention.
League is clearly supposed to replace raids, so all the tasks in PoG/PoV must apply to it.


Strange enough, the Path of Valor challenges are filled by doing Hero League raids.

Yep, and other PoG challenges are filled too.
I guess it’s a bug with this particular challenge.

Good point, thank you
Since the energy used is that of attacks, the logic will be to count for the challenges of both paths.
If it doesn’t count, it’s wrong and should be fixed

Was coming to report the same bug and just found jt funny that I prepared the same graphic (albeit a bit more crudely)


You left out the Weekly challenges. On my alt (who doesn’t raid for chests), it completed the doing damage and heal challenges too

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Thx, passing it to Staff.

Yep, 'cause they’re working fine )

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Same here. Defeated two Viselus during league and count is still zero :frowning_face:

H team. Thank you for bringing this up. We are currently looking into it! :muscle:


You’re looking at it but in the meantime, three days after last occurrance, you drop out the same exact PoG challenge. Still bugged.

How can you pretend to have players trust your work?

If this is something what needs “client side” change, then this will not be fixed before V62 is release for sure.

PoG tasks are generated randomly so Staff is not conrolling it manually.

And this feature is in Beta phase so it is “normal” to have bugs.

Anyway an in-game message would have been welcomed about that please do not want to finish this class specific mission with Hero League.

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Totally agree with @PlayForFun .
I don’t expect it to be fixed right away, and SG shouldn’t make a new build for each little issue.
Personally, I expect it to be fixed in the next version (v.61).
It’d be great to have a fix away, but there’s real life - software development cycle, regression testing costs and so on ))

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A little surprised about this because my League battles with a druid (Pengi) absolutely counted towards my POG total. I don’t have any druids on my regular raid team, nor any druids that I ever sub in.

That was my bad, I didn’t dig deep and I believed that dailies were controlled server-side (and as soon as this came to mind I realized how is It impossible).
I also thought of some kind of control to happen server side, like a flag “disabled”/“deprecated” on db, wich allows to at least suspend the bug.

I never expected and instant fix for this bug, but having it happen again with the same exact daily few days back to back is something EXTREMELY annoying.

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The topic is about Druids in enemy team )


Having this issue with Sorcerer enemies this time around.

Today the Ranger enemies not counting.

Looks like v62 will fix


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