[FIXED] Farm and mine - problem after update to Version 23 [MASTER]

Does anyone saying it’s NOT a visual bug have video evidence?

Yeah When clicking on food or iron it won’t register. Been doing it since the update.

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I didn’t see other topic about this but this is a serious issue in game…

It has been happening to me as well. I now slowly collect from each mill, wait to see if it registers before I collect from another.

Same here. Been going on for a week or two. Thought I was imagining things.

This is a known issue: [KNOWN ISSUE] Farm and mine - problem after update to Version 23 [MASTER]

@zephyr1 merge?

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

Definitely a real issue, not a visual anomaly. I just tested it, and the lost food/iron doesn’t go in and it never gets “re-added”. Can proof be offered regarding the “solved” status of this incredibly critical issue, please?

To the point made by @DGERic, I will see about getting a video posted, may take a bit.

The third farm is advanced though. :slight_smile:

I take it all back! I captured a very fast 9-farm collection on video, did the calculations, and everything did in fact tally up! My apologies for not believing the fine developers…:wink:

When you watch the video and stop it after the tap on the farms collect button you clearly can see 47xxx in white letters show up the mines.

The glitch is visuals.
What happens: the visual animation for upcounting your stockile has a certain duration and has not finished when you already tap on the next, so the duration window of the first animation still has to run off but your foodpstockpile suddenly gets another add… the animation runs off and there it is instantly, you thinking its gone to nirvana, because the new animation doesnt occur… but its not gone. It got accounted exactly the moment you tap it.

The new animation does not wait, and thats the way to fix it… just check if the animation has finished and if not add a wait-delay.

Anyways… dont worry, your food not gets lost.

EDIT: Hey why you closed it… it is not fixed. I still can reproduce it cisually when tapping the building and the collect symbols ultra fast (4 tapps). Reopen it please.

As this bug was fixed in 23.0.1, this thread will be closed.

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