[FIXED] Farm and mine - problem after update to Version 23 [MASTER]

The third farm went from 1665k to 1741k.

There should have been the same amount of Food in each Farm, as I collected them at the same time last night.

There should have been 75k in each?

Maybe because you have been a bad bad Girl :joy::laughing:

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Me too - it just happened again and it was when I collected my 2nd iron mine when the 1st was not done yet.

I waited to collect from the 3rd and it counted normally.

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Moderator’s Note

I heard back from Small Giant Support that they think this is a visual bug, and that resources are being collected properly, just not reflected in the counter.

Please stay tuned for an update.


:rofl::rofl: Do not be like that. Hope you’re well :kissing_smiling_eyes:


You know me! Always well!
But sometimes yes we miss you :smile:

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Thank you! :hugs:
Even not being in the ally, I’m always the same HD, never forget that!

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Well this is the second day that this is happening and i dont have the means to record a video.shall i wait for official response?is it a visual bug for sure?i am pretty sure this is not visual.

I was told by Small Giant Support that it was a visual bug after I provided them with video.

They were able to check my account and confirm that my Food totals had increased with each Farm collection, despite the bar not visually showing the increases correctly as I collected from my Farms.


I can confirm that this is a visual bug. I’ve recorded collecting, added all and it’s fine.

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If you watch @zephyr1’s video in slo-mo you can see the Hams start at 1570k. You add 47.28k from the first farm and the counter scrolls to 1618k. The second farm adds 47.286k and the counter jumps to 1665k. The third farm adds 75.614k and the counter scrolls to 1741k.

All the Hams are there, but visually sometimes the counter scrolls and sometimes it jumps.

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Yep, as I said. It’s ok.

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Οk thank u:) 20 characters

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Since today iron doesn’t add up at all and food only when restarting game shown to have increased?? Collecting watchtower works normal? What’s going on? :thinking:

Just happened again. The iron and food is not loading at times. It is not only a visual error. I have lost a lot of each-

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@Longsteel Can you submit a ticket to Support please, so they can investigate?

I’ve been seeing it happen frequently, but as far as I can tell it’s the same thing I saw before that they said is a visual error.

It’d be useful to see if they can demonstrate that you’re actually getting the Food and Iron, or otherwise confirm that it’s not just a visual error.

Yeah it happened to me again.i was at 260k iron i drew the last mine and it stayed at 260k.i guess a ticket is the only solution

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This happened to me also, tried it a few times and realized that when you collect your food very quickly, some of the collections will get missed and not added to you food storage. @EmpiresPuzzles


That’s definitely my observation too, it seems to be an issue of speed when collecting.

I’m continuing to experience it quite often, and hope that Support is correct that it’s a visual bug as the data showed when I talked to them about it.

It’s disconcerting, at the least.

I don’t think it would hurt for you to submit a ticket yourself, though. How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)