[FIXED] Farm and mine - problem after update to Version 23 [MASTER]

@Longsteel Can you submit a ticket to Support please, so they can investigate?

I’ve been seeing it happen frequently, but as far as I can tell it’s the same thing I saw before that they said is a visual error.

It’d be useful to see if they can demonstrate that you’re actually getting the Food and Iron, or otherwise confirm that it’s not just a visual error.

Yeah it happened to me again.i was at 260k iron i drew the last mine and it stayed at 260k.i guess a ticket is the only solution

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This happened to me also, tried it a few times and realized that when you collect your food very quickly, some of the collections will get missed and not added to you food storage. @EmpiresPuzzles


That’s definitely my observation too, it seems to be an issue of speed when collecting.

I’m continuing to experience it quite often, and hope that Support is correct that it’s a visual bug as the data showed when I talked to them about it.

It’s disconcerting, at the least.

I don’t think it would hurt for you to submit a ticket yourself, though. How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

My iron is not adding up when I click on a mine!!

So, I wasnt sure if I was imagining it, but I’ve been testing and now I think it’s real.

Since the last update, If you click the food/iron collect icons too fast, you don’t get all the resources and the lost resources just seem to vanish. I’m on Android, I don’t know if this has affected anyone else yet, but I have just asked my alliance.

Yes and yes!


Possible merge @zephyr1

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

I just had the same issue. I think you need to collect slower.

Slower does seem to work, but since I’m in the habit of hitting them as fast as possible, have to kind of retrain my muscle memory.

Or a bug fix would be nice. Are they saying the total goes up to the right amount after a restart? Because it definitely only adds one to the total if I click two or more in quick sequence.

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Clicking on the farm and full mine does not refill properly. Many players have the same problem

You cant collect food and iron from farms and mines?

This is a known issue:



What I have noticed, is that if I max out of food, the farm that gave a partial fill to hit max, bugs out until I try to collect from it again. It gives me nothing when trying to collect again, then it resets and begins producing again. If I don’t reset it, it will stay bugged, until I do.

Happens every time for the past few days since update. Should be easy to replicate problem. I thought this was a known issue.

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

When I attempt harvests of my meat it is not registering to the total meat count. I had never noticed this happening before the latest update. Most of them fill the meat bank just fine, but there are usually one or two farms that just don’t convert. This lack of production adds up over time, and I would like it addressed. It’s definitely not a graphics glitch, although my shrinking magic bar during fights could be one.

Meat is the real currency of your game and it needs to be fixed ASAP.

Well, I collected 1 mine and paid attention to the amount of iron added. Quickly, I tapped the remaining mines. At the last one, the amount of iron didn’t change, as was not collected. But I did the math with new amount and actually the iron was collected from all mines. So it’s just a visual bug. Still, it’s annoying and should be fixed, asap.

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I can confirm it’s not a visual bug.

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Same problem…and one more after last update i cant upgrade any special skill at no hero…for 5 days i cant do an single upgrade…i lost a lot of farm mates…pla fix fast and do something for the users who lost so many heroes upgradin for nothing…

Yeah, I’ve tested more. This is not a visual bug. If you collect from another resource of the same type before the last one has finished its animation, you will get NOTHING from the next click. (or subsequent clicks if you’re going very fast.)

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