[FIXED] Cinderella has Average mana speed in v.65

Dear SG, please don’t tell us it’s a silent nerf…
In v.64 she’s Fast.

@PlayForFun , @Petri , @ChuckSG


Cheers Will pass on :slight_smile: :+1:


Oh, I know what happened!
Two days after the event, her mana speed turned back into pumpkin.


Would be useful if anyone who is still on v64.0.2 could confirm the mana speed of their Cinderella.

If I was a cynical person I’d say this was indeed an attempt at a silent nerf and will be covered up either as a mistake, or the correction of a mistake.

It is Fast in v.64, checked myself.

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So if someone on v65 had Cinderella in their war team and were matched against someone on v64 who also had Cinderella would the two Cinderellas be different speeds?

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It has to be a bug. They can’t just change her to average. I confirmed on my game (v 64) she is fast.


No, they would both have the same speed as the attacker depending on the version they are playing.


That would be the most logical option :vulcan_salute:

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The most logical option would be to have a Fast Cindirella in v. 65 :))))))


Here’s a screenshot too

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Pretty sure not a bug as her Aether power was also changed.




This makes me a little nervous. Hopefully it’s just a blunder, it would be absurd to change the hero like this. Thanks for sharing though.

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I can confirm that there is no notification and no compensation for the owners.

i don’t think so;
All heroes parameters run on the server side; That’s the basic technique to prevent game mods.

Mine is now average. This game is completely bogus with that. Change the speed so closely after closing portal and collecting money.

Hope this is a glitch and its not a permanent nerf which I feel it’s unfair to nerf a hero without any communication. Changing from fast to average speed from a hero.

It’s definitely a bug. Not the first time it happens for a new hero buffed just before their release and released shortly before a new game version, SGG forgot to port the change to the new version’s settings, which were already getting ready to go live. They have a short time frame when they have to maintain the settings for two game versions and it happens that some inconsistencies slip through. They can fix that like any balance update at anytime, they just need to spot the inconsistency, or our bug report…


Thanks oracle @Elioty33 for the explanation! Ive already send a ticket to CS to report about this matter. Still waiting for their reply

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Hopefully, there isn’t a wait until the next portal

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