Fix your raid system


You need to fix your raid system it’s not bad enough that the defender gets to attack back to back five times in a row and they are still collecting mana even when you don’t attack them.


Wow, this is the most utterly worthless post I’ve seen on the Internet in a long time.

Setting aside your complete disregard for grammar and punctuation, there isn’t even any worthwhile substance to it. I gather that you’re upset about raiding, but I’m not really sure what you’re complaining about. You’re upset that the enemy gets to attack you back? What on Earth do you expect? Them to just sit there and let you win?

Your complaint seems to be that the defender “gets to attack back to back five times in a row.” Let’s talk about why that’s a BS complaint. I assume you’re talking about the default attacks that the heroes do every three rounds, not their special abilities. First off, I’ve never seen all five enemy heroes do their basic attack in the same round. I don’t think it’s possible. But even if it WERE possible, that would mean that you would have two rounds after that in which NO ONE attacked you. So I’m going to instead assume that you’re complaining that they get to attack every three rounds so every round someone attacks you. But guess what? Between each of those rounds, YOU get to attack THEM. They attack you five times every three rounds. If you can’t get enough combos to out-perform that, then why should you win that fight?

Your other complaint is that enemies gain mana every round, regardless of if you hit them. I guess you can be upset about that if you want, but it’s not like it’s a bug or it’s some unfair system that unfairly affects only you. It’s the system everyone plays with, and it’s done intentionally. Because heroes generate mana regardless of being hit, you can’t just ignore half the enemy’s team while you kill the other half. Similarly, back-line heroes (on the far left or far right) don’t get hit much in the beginning of a fight, but they still generate mana. This puts pressure on the attacker to defeat the front-line tank quickly to get to the back-line heroes. Again, this is intentional and is the same for everyone. If your entire team can’t kill the enemy’s tank before their casters start nuking you, YOU DESERVE TO LOSE.

Finally, you end your post with the completely childish demand that they “fix it,” without offering a single suggestion as to HOW. How would you suggest they make it better? I gather that you want enemies to not attack, not gain mana, and just let you win. But I suspect that even if they made these changes (which they won’t, because they’re terrible changes), you’d be back on the forums next week bitching that you lose too many fights when you’re not logged in and you’d demand that they “fix that, too.”

Your whole post (and the majority of your post history) reads as one big complain-fest that you’re not winning enough for your liking and rather than reevaluating your tactics or your team, you want the world to change to be easier for you. If you want to win more raids, you need to get better. That’s literally all there is to it.


I agree, if you lose 25 raids in a row, something is definitely amiss. I don’t think that makes it the game’s fault, though…

Everyone is playing in the same system. If you’re losing more than other people on a level playing field, it’s because you’re playing worse than other people. I don’t see how that could possibly be confusing.

Edit: I also notice you’ve conveniently ignored all of my counter-arguments, and have instead doubled down on your “I’m losing, fix it so I win” strategy. Additionally, I’ve yet to see anything constructive from you. You want it fixed? Okay, how?


Obviously if you think something is amiss in the game REPORT IT. Otherwise…

I have been attacked multiple times by the same player. It read, " lost lost WIN"; they kept trying to attack me until they were successful. I think this is normal player behaviour. :roll_eyes:


I’m curious as to the logic behind this. How is Traevon meant to decide whether or not to like a post (or respond to it) before reading it?

I’d also like to reiterate what Traevon has said, you’re benefitting from the system equally whenever you’re defending against someone’s attack, so it all balances out in the end. To put it another way, would you like the system to be changed so that you win more when you’re attacking, if you also lose equally as much when you’re defending? If instead of winning 100 trophies in one day and losing 50, you win 200 and lose 150 it comes out to the same amount.


If I’m attacked, in addition to a revenge, I will typically seek said player out and attack them repeatedly if possible. This accomplishes two things. One: attrition. A hesitation to attack in the future. Two: that’s a target I am certain I can beat after the initial revenge. It only makes sense to hit them until it’s no longer worth it to do so. Other than that, I’ve not noticed an exploit where you can actually revenge multiple times, unless you attack multiple times.

All that being said, you handled your initial post like an utter moron, rendering any possible valid point that you had to make absolutely invalid on every level. Try a more thought out approach in the future.


Thank you in the future I will do so frustration got the best of me yesterday lost 25 raids in a row and got raided 10 times and out all of those also.


We all understand frustration… :wink:

May you have better luck today.


Actually, I’ve experienced exactly what you have complained about here. I’ve received similar, if less vitriolic responses to my posts on the subject. Seems very few people get smashed on defenders by countless special attacks by the AI that you and I have experienced.

I’ve learned that the raid system is simply a rewards system for either the money you pump into the game or the luck you have in character draws. Larger team score and the more trophies your are allowed to maintain. It seems to be an in game balance mechanic which to me has made raiding simply a matter of, meh. I win, I get resources. I lose, I lose resources. The trophies have become meaningless to me.

I used to get as angry as you at the mechanic, but I’ve learned to try to let it go. It’s an artificial balancing system and isn’t worth the effort to over come. And no, since the $3 offer debacle from a month ago, I won’t be paying any more money to play. Just enjoy what brought you here to begin with and let this other crap float away.


Thank you so it’s not just me , and yes I have come t the same conclusion and in future not going to worry about raiding and just enjoy the great people I have met in our alliance.


That’s exactly why I stay. The people in my alliance are great! And I truly enjoy my time with them. So I attempt to treat the raiding frustrations as a minor irritant, rather than the angry throw it all away I used to.


How are you seeking out players when the assignment of raids is random?


Having endless food means endless re-rolls.


And who has endless food? Not me. :grin:


Haha, well sadly these days it’s me. Ascension items are indeed a diabolical process.