Fix Tournament defenses

Is it at any time in the plans to fix this?

The pairing is still extremely defective, they considered it “good” but it still works out of grief. Why don’t you just eliminate the defense points ??? I will continue to put my defense as best as possible so that the rest does not score in attack, if someone wants to give points there, but the current system does not work, this fatal

Também concorda com você. Esses torneios são um lixo. Coloquei um time equilibrado para a competição, mas como sempre não passo das quartas nesses torneios. Meu time nunca defende, as peças do tabuleiro repete cores diferentes do herói, mesmo limpando o tabuleiro não vem as pedras nas cores que preciso, e os ataques do inimigo é o dobro da força dos meus heróis. Torneio ladrão e sem sentido. Tenho quase certeza que a prioridade nesse jogo é para quem gasta dinheiro, que não é o meu caso. Não indico esse jogo para mas ninguém!

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It also agrees with you. These tournaments are rubbish. I put a balanced team into the competition, but as usual I don’t get past the quarterfinals in these tournaments. My team never defends, the pieces of the board repeat different colors of the hero, even clearing the board does not come the stones in the colors I need, and the enemy attacks is twice the strength of my heroes. Thief and senseless tournament. I’m pretty sure the priority in this game is for those who spend money, which is not my case. I don’t recommend this game to anyone!

Current defense points

The current system works as intended.


But it can be very confusing because you only see your defense not the rest of the tournament


I really need to explicitly spell out what this means.

That is not quite correct, I am in a lot of line groups (Spanish-speaking) and I see a lot of defenses besides those of my alliance partners, you also look at it as you look at it. It is NOT fair to value a defense for a single attack, regardless of the others, the defenses are still not equitable. A defense exactly the same as mine, same heroes, same power, identical !!! It takes 6 attacks, rank A and I one rank E, it’s not fair to watch it as you watch it.

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