Fix ToL, HA and AL w/Ascension Mats

It’s obvious that nearly everyone hates the versions of these in their current form. Mostly because very poor summoning odds, same old classic heroes and/or useless items.

SG has added tons of ways to summon/buy new heroes but hasn’t added any way to acquire new ascension mats. So players are left with lots of extra heroes and no way to level them.

How about adding a way to get 3* and 4* ascension mats to ToL, HA and AL? You could add it as a bonus chance on each pull, chest after x pulls or just have some pulls be mats instead of heroes.

I feel that you could fix all of these by giving players something like a 1-2% chance at 4* mats and 3-5% chance at 3* mats. Or whatever %s would work. Plus these wouldn’t needed to be completely overhauled, just a simple change to each.

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