FIX titan timing

I am pretty sure that the wait time for titans used to vary according to some oddball function. I recall killing a titan with 7 hours left, and then the next titan would be 1 hour wait. OR also I distinctly recall killing a titan with almost no time left, and the next titan would be a 12+ hour wait.

For whatever reason, in my new alliance where we are at such low level titans that they get killed in <2 hours with very few people hitting them, we are waiting 24 hours for every new titan. This is killing the alliance because people don’t want to wait around for a day to use some titan flags, and then, if they happen to not be online as soon as the titan spawn, they get to wait again another 24 hours.

The fact is that it’s very easy to take the number of people in an alliance, multiply by 3, and then compare to the number of hits used to kill a titan. If the titan required more than that number, give a nice cool-off period for people to respawn their titan flags. If the titan required less than half that number, then respawn a new titan in <4 hours!

THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE!!! But it does seem to be some kind of greed involved here in that killing alliances must somehow benefit the devs I guess… and also cramming titans on alliances that have no flags obviously has the potential to sell more titan flasks.

Please fix it. Full stop.

The titans are set to allow 22 hrs to kill and then another 1 hr for reset on a 23 hr cycle. It’s pretty set and has nothing to do with how quickly you kill a titan. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where we kill a titan with almost no time left and then wait 12 hrs. Nor the opposite that you’re saying where you kill a titan with 7 hours left and then there would be a 1 hour wait (should be an 8 hr wait).

Normally you kill 1 titan a day unless you are mercing based on the titan cycle.

Not sure what type of alliance you have, but if you are killing titans within 2 hours, the titan level should rise pretty quickly after a few kills. So that they won’t be that easy to kill. But barring that, there’s no reason why you can’t wait until everyone hits the titan once before killing it if it is so fragile. Generally there are no bonuses for using all the flags (other than the odd daily challenge).


Correct me if I’m wrong, but titans spans (or should span) with the same frequency for all alliances in the game. At least, this is what I’m expecting, for an equal distribution of titans for all player base.
Anything than that would create some discrimination.
Sure, you can merc for more titans from time to time, but that’s acceptable.

Now, if your alliance is killing titans too fast and many players don’t even get the chance to hit them, then you need to increase the titan tier a bit so it’s more difficult to kill it.

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Titans spawn every 23hrs.

When a new titan arrives, there’s 22 hours to kill it. Then wait 1 hour to get the new titan.

If your side kills the titan within 4-6 hours of that titan’s arrival, the next titan will jump in strength. Say 1* to 3*.
Or 4* to “upper tier” 5* or “low tier 6*”.

This means that titan progression will escalate fast enough by day, as long as your side slays it <18:00.