Fix the Vampires!

In my opinion the Vampires bites should be non-dispellable like Morgan Le Fay’s. My reasoning is that in many different stories about vampires, the only way to stop someone transitioning is to kill the vampire that bit them in a certain amount of time. If they don’t, they become one of the undead.

Also, I believe that vlad and Valeria should have a buff like Victor (either attack, defense or damage sharing).

Victor’s defense buff for the entire squad should last 4 turns as well, instead of three. I mean, he is an event hero, he should be great, right?

I appreciate you asking for more of a challenge. Feels like a nice change from the usual cry in this forum that things aren’t fAir. Thanks.


Thats why their mana is “very fast”. if we buff them, at a point to balance, the mana will also need to be rebalanced.

Thats why I only agree with the non dispellable buff. If we upgrade the defense turns, it will be a little too much OP because the mana is very fast.

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I would much rather have their mana changed to fast and have them gain an ability each then keep their mana charge where it’s at. I personally don’t have any of the Vampires, but I feel as if they are not nearly as good as some of the other event heroes.


Vampairs should be very fast.
They are always that way.
But I agree that thier skills need to be betyer as they are Event heroes and as hard as the rarest heroes to get.
The need to be buffed.

I just thought about it. What if they gave Vlad and Valeria minions, because vampires have sired minions, so that would make sense, and these minions stole life from an enemy at the start of every turn. That would be great in my opinion. The minions wouldn’t be available to Victor unless they got rid of his defense buff (which I wouldn’t mind).

What if a bite from a vampire temporarily turns your hero purple? Purple vs purple is weak even if stacked. It could last 2 rounds. Or perhaps even slow your super build or do both. I dont think minions is ideal since it was already done with little red. I do think these vampires are a little easy to beat for an event. I’m dying quicker by the pumpkins blowing up then thier actual attack. I do like the idea also of shared damage or additional damage between bites as someone suggested.

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Gravemaker is also a very fast really hard to get hero, and his skill is dispellable. Frankly I’m getting tired of all the new heroes having something undispellable; it makes dispelling heroes worthless.