Fix the titans booties

This already tires a lot … I know it is a discussed topic and I know what they are going to answer me but it is illogical that it is repeated again and again. Constantly titan after titan boots B and C are getting many more materials of ascension than A + and A, it is not an isolated titan, and it does not see that since there are more quantity of B and C boots then that is why they are more likely to be worn. something, BLA BLA BLA. There are always several lower booties that take the materials while the top we are completely silly as we have spent unitilmente forging materials to get better scores. The system DOES NOT work !!!


Rank in the end gives you specific amount of rolls of the dice. It doesn’t influence anything. If you roll 10 times insted of 3 times it’s still possible to have something better in those 3 rolls as it’s RANDOM.

If you want to proove anything, provide us statistics from about 200 tries, that should be enough to proove anything. In fact, you won’t be able to proove anything, because higher rank gives +1 +2 +3 more rolls of the dice. This will give you more stuff eventually.

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the theory is very nice but that never happens, I think I explain it quite clearly, I do not speak of a titan I speak of many titans, it is something that happens constantly and not only to me to the whole alliance, all those that remain A or A + we we disappointed titan after titan

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Seems like you already have the answer to your own question/suggestion/complaint.

Want me to clarify it by changing the topic headline to “I’m just frustrated and want to vent”?

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I agree discussing bad luck in this forum is like flogging a dead horse.

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Again, there should be a change in the odds, I know how it works and if, logically, I’m frustrated, that things do not go well, it frustrates me

Good point. Now we’re getting there. The passionate desire behind the complaint. You want more unfarmable ascension materials from titans.

I agree. I’m in dire need of some darts that have evaded me for the longest time.

Maybe even the devs agree? No, don’t take my word on that, read theirs:

Hey, bad luck is the sucker. It’s frustrating. The only good thing about is, is that it can change.

This thread is not to discuss my bad luck, well … the bad luck of all of us who are higher in my alliance in the scores of titan, is to discuss that they should make changes of probabilities in favor of those who strive more in being there

Another whine thread… its tiresome (((

@Rook please, consider making one big whine thread instead of many

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you’re right, the casting system works very well, it’s best to sit down and see how it goes and enjoy

There’s many many similar threads, where all the questions have been answered and all points discussed. Please, reread them.

I do not know if it’s because of the language … please go back and read what I’ve written. I know exactly how it works, maybe knowing how it works means that you have to agree with it? My goal with this thread is to try to review the probabilities at least a little bit of the A and A + loot. I do not think it’s any nonsense what I’m writing. In this forum it is not worth writing, they are only slaps and more slaps, provided that if more whining and others, we should be to support each other. In case it has not been clear I repeat it again, I know how the Titans booty system works but I do NOT share it and I think the odds of the A and A + booties should be improved

3 titans 8*-9* in row i got A+ loot. Got only garbage, pike plants, resourses etc. when i made B or C loot i got some ascensions for 5* Heroes. Last time i got orb for C dmg for escaped titan…
So, as i understand, i’m unlucky too ))

shhh do not whine that works perfect just like this

It is no use. Bad luck and random is a mantra like thing here in this forum. Some people are even covinced that is our lot in life to bear it stoically. I wonder if they would take it so kindly if their bosses skipp their salaries saying, rotten luck old chap, your roll did not come through this month. Actually, you have to pay us so that you will have a chance of getting your next salary


What is a good alternative to the current “everyone has more or less the same odds”?

A+/A should always get considerably better loot than B/C? That would create a significant imbalance within alliances.

Increase overall titan loot significantly?
Everybody would have maxed 4*/5* pretty quickly and the game would get even more stale.

Propose something that meets the following criteria:

  • Keeps people hooked
  • Keeps people spending
  • Keeps the game alive for a long time
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but the case here is that I do not discuss luck because it is not a problem of luck, if a titan B and C booty get better things … bad luck, if it passes 2 titans, bad luck, if it passes in 20 titans, hey, you still have to do something to change it. They can change the probabilities. Let them show the numbers, what is the probability of having an A on a C? only 2% more I do not know, if it was like that it is pessimistic

i’m not calm. I heard about random but dont care on it. I’m donater mostly. So, i better will buy something when will wait it too much. I hope SG staff will give new players chanse get Alby, Hel or Ares ))

Increase in favor of the A and A + booties I do not think it causes an imbalance in the game, there are only 6 people out of 30. The B and C boots do not think you have to touch them believe me they are receiving materials without any problem, much more than me hahahah

Provide us data of results. There should be at least 200 tries so it would be rational result. If there is 10% chance to drop something and you drop 3 times in 10, which may happen, rare but happen, you will say it’s 30%, which is not true.

If you want to proove anything, provide us data, we are not interested in your feelings.

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