Fix The Ninja Tower Grind

I’m one of the ones who like it now. Only because my roster is super deep. I made it to level 31 without using too many resources or 5 stars. I have some cursed heroes though.

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I personally love the Ninja Tower exactly as it is. If you want to finish the Tower early you spend 50 gems for 5 floors early. I complete the Ninja Tower like always but thankfully my roaster is deep. The event is in my opinion designed for advanced players that like a real challenge. The challenge is obviously hard on alot of players in development. But for me I find it the best event in the game. (Violins playing) Sorry!!!


For me, the Ninja Tower will be less of a grind if:

  • There is more time to complete it (like 30 days).

  • it uses World Energy instead of Tower Energy. In this manner, I will not be forced to use Tower Energy per day.

Oh please no. One of the beauties of the tower is free energy. If you don’t want to grind regular energy, then don’t. But I’ll take all of the free energy I can get.


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of having separate Tower energy. Why? If you miss any flags, you “have to” buy a tower energy flask.

It would be a QoL improvement if they gave all flags at the beginning/at least allowed the flags to stack.

I’d love to be wrong, but I can’t see them improving/fixing the NT grind this year. :rofl: Their priority is new heroes, and new events…


We guess ( from Mythic Titans, thanks to Elpis et. al.) that there are approximately 1.2-1.5 million daily active players. I finished Ninja Tower saving battle items as number 51.000 and a little bit. Hoping that I am not the worst player completing the Tower, so I guess some 60.000-65.000 Players completed it. Thats some 5% of the player base. Assuming that most of them like the event because why grind for 50 Levels if you dont like it. So can you accept there is an event catering to the top 10% of the players? If you dont like it do the first easy levels take the rewards and walk away when it starts to stress you.

There is content for all levels of players. Ninja Tower, at least completing it, is for more advanced and experienced players with a competitive mindset. I could not complete the first Ninja Tower and was very disapointed of the event, because it replaced ToL every other month and was able to complete ToL. So I lost two free summons this month. After improving my roster und strengthening my heroes with emblems, I found the event challenging and interesting. After they improved the loot with the additional tower chests, you can do two free summons from Ninja Tower too.

I would advice everyone who did not like the Ninja Tower to improve his or her heroes in numbers and quality and try it again. Maybe you will like it in the end.


I’m more of a fan of the Ninja Tower than most in my alliance.

What I like:

  1. I get to use a bunch of heroes that normally rot on my bench.
  2. It’s a different play style with the curses. Anything different can be fun.
  3. I like the build up of the blessings.

What I don’t like:

  1. Since it is a different play style, I like to get it out of the way as quickly as possible. So I spend gems on flasks to try to get it done on Day 2. It’s just such a different way of playing that I prefer to just stick to that for a while.
  2. The “for a while”. Man…it takes forever to finish some floors when it opens up to 4 and 5 stages. I’d rather it be 3 stages all the way through.
  3. Only being able to use 2 copies of a battle item toward the end is really frustrating. Again, if those stages were only 3 instead of 5 it wouldn’t be that bad. But the lack of available battle items just seems…mean. Lol. And this coming from someone who just strives to finish the Tower without using too many premium battle items.

All that being said, there should be a guaranteed 4* mat at the end of the Tower. Definitely.


I never really paid attention but I thought the tower has four stages the most?

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You are right, my bad.

Stages 1-19: 2 waves
Stages 20-34: 3 waves
Stages 35-50: 4 waves

Still think they should all be 3

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I hope they can double the total amount of ninja coins you can gain from the tower. Right now, even if you complete all 50 floors, you will only get enough coins for one free pull (not counting the tiered rewards because you cannot use them for the same ninja tower). If the amount is doubled, then you can get two or even three free pulls, which is a more reasonable reward considering how energy-consuming ninja tower is.


I use to hate the ninja tower, but beat it for the 1st time this month. I only used about 5-6 tornado. But in return got 50x emblems, it’s a tough event but is the toughest challenge to date so we need to keep somethings tough so the newer players have a goal to set.

  1. Player preorders a list of 30 heroes.
  2. Endless stage match, every 5 stages is a boss. Before every boss stage is a blessing, completing every boss stage introduces the stage-danger elements.
  3. When a hero dies or is cursed, the next in your predetermined order takes it’s place.
  4. Progress saves after each stage completion during the event, so you can hop in at any time.
  5. Ranks are determined by how many stages you complete, how many heroes remain, how many downed heroes were cursed as opposed to dead.

I agree. Four waves is a lot. You really have to be a very experienced player with a deep bench to stand a chance.

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I find it too time consuming. I have a deep enough bench to do it. Just not enough time. I go far enough to get some emblems.

I’m all for a drastic reduction of the number of Oni tower stages. It takes way to much effort to do all of it, which adds to the frustration with the Onis.

Edit: Sorry, I just realized that I initally ended up with a different suggestion here that is off topic to the original post, so I removed it and will post it in a more suitable thread :sweat_smile:

Totally agree, but I found in the latter stages the various blessings chosen come to the fore and play a more significant role in getting the win.

I’m not a fan of the NT but appreciate many players enjoy the challenge of 50 levels. For me, it’s my least favourite event, so I’d be happy with way less levels :wink:.


I fixed this issue myself. I didn’t play a single level of it.
If I were asked to fix it I’d either reduce the rate of cursed tiles dramatically, or I’d give a buff of some sort for using a cursed tile before it runs out of turns. I’d also make each level 1 tower flag energy and provide 50 tower flags at the very start. Finally, I’d boost the loot for the last 10 levels. Complete level 50 and gain a guaranteed 4* ascension mat for completion of the tower.

These 3 things would make it worth playing, add some fun with the frustration, and boost participation. Right now I’d say about 50% of the community gives it no real effort. As it currently stands… I don’t blame them.


I did the same thing this time, not using all the resources needed. I agree with another poster, the ninja’s don’t fit the feel of the game…to me.

Just max out more 3 & 4 stars. It will save you your good heroes for the final 5-10 stages. I would even max duplicate healers.

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