Fix The Ninja Tower Grind

  • Leave It Alone, It’s Great
  • Reduce the number of stages
  • Give us all flags on day 1
  • Reduce stages and give all flags on day 1

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Ninja Tower seems to really divide opinion in E&P, some love it and others detest it.

For me I sit in the middle.

I find the idea and mechanics of it pretty good but it’s such a painful grind and it boils down to two factors… It’s too long and the fact flags are released daily is a pain.

My suggestion is simple… Make it 25 or 20 stages and give us all our flags on day 1

Personally, I don’t like the ninja tower. Ninja’s don’t seem ‘to me’ to fit with the game.
If they removed it or made it 1x or 2x a year, that would be fine.

Just need to many resources, too many floors, too much…

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Thanks @AndyBSG for creating this thread.

Ninja Tower is still my least favourite event of the new events (now followed by Mythic Titan).

I’m somewhat in two minds. On one hand, I’d like to see the number of stages reduced, and all flags given at the beginning.

Personally, I think for an event with 50 stages total (5 more stages than the 3x 15 stage challenge events), every eight weeks is much too frequent.

On the other hand, I suppose this event is aimed at long term players such as myself. I’m not sure who they are, but there are some players who enjoy the NT as it is. I wouldn’t want to take away from their enjoyment.


We have quite a few in the Crew family that reallly love Ninja Tower.

Tbh we all know my views were “burn the tower down” but once I just accepted I needed to play it like an event and use items it went from super tedious grind to a level of fun I can accept.

I couldn’t slow play it again though…that would break my spirit


I completed the first 2 towers and then decided to push for rank in the 3rd. I got into top1000 and the amount of items used up was not a huge loss. However the stress that it caused and the amount of time that I needed to invest caused me to skip future towers. I’m completing first 20 levels that can be basically auto-played because it’s free XP and some emblems but that’s it.
Reducing the number of stages would be a huge step in the right direction, I’m not sure that having all flags upfront is necessary but I understand why a lot of players would prefer that.


I vote for more levels!
Either that becomes more rewards for each stage completion or we get the challenge of truly pushing us as far as we can go.


too many lvls & too garbage rewards for the effort


@tsiukalos: I am sorry I have to disagree.

The Ninja Tower rewards are ok compared to other events. In the last challenge event I completed Legendary in the top 100000 with moderate ressources, but did epic in the top 5000 and rare in the top 10000. I used 7 or 8 WE flasks and the 6 flasks you get during the event for completion. I used a hundred axes some threehundert Arrows some 150 small mana potions. More than 80 bombs and some dragon attacks and time stops. It took me the whole weekend to earn 450 emblems, 5 free event summons, three EHTs and 3 ETTs and a few flasks. The 3* mats are useless for me I have some 20 of everything.
With Ninja Tower of the other side I only need 4-5 hours a handfull of cheap to midrange items and some 20-30 tornados to finish. You get some 350-700 emblems , lots of battle items and 1-2 free summons. And in the last chest after completion you have the chance for a 4* ascension mats. In my opinion the time and items invested is in accordance with the loot, compared to other events.
But you have to accept that you should have 30-40 fully maxed 5 and 4* heroes, so you can afford loosing a few to curses. If you have not enough heroes it is difficult and costly to compensate with battle items.
It is the only event that challenges me. My Team can complete S4 hard mode stages in autoplay - how much fun is that ?
Only war and raids are really interresting beside Ninja Tower. Im looking forward for the new Tower event. hopefully it will not be to easy. Where is the incentive besides ToL to level up some 50 heroes if everyone with 15-20 S1 4* can complete any event?

Happy grinding…


Can you add vote for roll over unused flags. I decided today might give it a shot. Used 10 flags and realized, what’s the point? Will never reach 50th floor even if I had every niche hero. I vote give us all flags or the ability to use flags from past days. Plus we need a bonus option and a 51st challenge floor. Bonus would be like +5 flags for 10 consecutive wins. This would give u opportunity to reach stage 50 even if the boards punish you. The secret or 51st floor would be a score challenge were you could use up extra flags earned. This would give top players(not me) additional points to show who the master of the tower is.

Oooh… 51st floor could be a pvp scored arena were you fight other players who reached the 50th floor! That be cool! No items and with curses!

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I guess I am one of the few people who actually like Ninja Tower. I enjoy having to use my full roster of heroes and having to strategize. In pretty much all other events I can just use Proteus or Onatel to breeze through all stages.


I personally would not miss this event if it just went away. The grind is no fun in this one also, why not just get rid of the curse crap, especially with 50 stages. I too feel that the ninja heroes do not fit in the empires and puzzles universe.
But if anything, reduce the number of stages.


Without curses it would be a mindless grind.
Only the curses make it special, you need a certain number of heroes so you can afford to loose a few to the curses. You should preserve your best heroes for the higher stages but if you use too weak a team you loose a stage and you have to spend 50 gems for a flask to finish. Or you need to much time and get a bad score and a low ranking with poor loot. This is part of the challenge and the fun if you succeed. If you dont finish let it motivate you to level more heroes and craft more battle items to succeed next time.

Happy gaming


Get rid of the Leg ends bi-monthly challenge it’s not like we don’t have enough chances to pull Season 1 heroes, cut down NT to 25 or 30 levels and make it monthly so we get to try and pull Ninja heroes and troops monthly. Got Ninja Renfeld today.

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Disagree. Tavern of Legends is actually one of my favourites. Pulls odds maybe are low, but I love participanting in this event. I have so much fun sitting with a pen and sheet of paper planing which hero should I use in which stage. After few years in game E&P feels kinda boring, so don’t take last fun things please.


Worst and most tedious event in the game


I disagree. This is one of the most challenging and fun events. Rewards are pretty costly from my perspective, but that’s because I don’t currently have enough heroes suited for the task so just as @Gimliv explained, more battle items are necessary. Even like that I like exchanging farmable battle items for unfarmable emblems, and the challenge which requires you to actually think (unlike mindlessly autoplaying something with OP heroes) is pretty nice.

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I do 20 and walk away… PERIOD…


Exactly! Apart from all the other pve things, that is

How about changing Leg ends to be more like NT ??
Surely S2 heroes have now achieved leg end status they should be added to the pot for potential pulls. Have NT and leg ends as 25 levels every 2 months with curse stones killing a few heroes off along the way in both events instead of using once as noobies wouldn’t have the benches to do 25 levels using heroes once.
Any thoughts @moderators

I agree with most of the people here… NT is nothing but another grind that doesn’t bring anything new to the game.

If they wanted NT to be something special, they could have done any of the following:

  • Instead of curses, each level has a different sort of field effect, including things like what season 4 has. With that, players would have to actually think about what heroes to use.

  • Reverse the curse idea - start with all heroes being cursed, and fight to remote the curse from the heroes. Cursed heroes are debuffed in some way, such as continuous damage, attack/defence debuff, mana generation slowdown. Players would have to switch heroes around to remove the curse so they can use them for later floors.

  • Hero slot limits - start off with only having two heroes allowed, and then as they advance through the tower, slots open up allowing more heroes. Still a grind, but at least players would have to min/max per floor to make sure they can get through without their entire team.