Fix the mana glitch already


Is already frustrating on how quickly opposite hero regenerate mana from tiles hit but to loose mana with no reason from heroes is getting on my nerves. I observed that during the raids especially happens. I was able to observe this bug because i am not using the hero special every time as soon as is activated sometimes i am waiting for one turn based on a strategy but many time its happening that my hero is full with mana with special activated and i get hit with a normal atack on the here and it mana bar goes down a little and no more special activated. I have to shoot another round of tiles before the special activates again. Fix the bug already. i am noticing from some time.


If it happens often, take a video of it if you can, and submit a ticket to support. It’s not something I’ve ever encountered myself.

Getting the obvious question out of the way; this isn’t just when you’re being hit by Chao/Li Xiu and they steal your mana, no?


Please please post video or screen caps or something.

I haven’t heard of this behavior from anyone and certainly haven’t seen it myself.


No the opponent team was with Alberich,Marjana, sartana,mushasi and athena. My hero activated were ridgard and Caedmon. After one of his here hit me Ridgard lost the special. it hard to make a video of it but i will try.


That’s weird. Sounds like a LiXiu effect, but she wasn’t on your enemy’s team. :confused:


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