Fix the % in getting 5* heros

I’ve been playing for about 3 months now and I’m level 30, I’ve spent a bit on deals trying to get gems to get a 5 star hero, this game will not give me a 5 star hero, No matter how much you spend this game is rigged. I will not spend another cent on this game trying to get 5 star hero’s #broken

Progress in this game surely takes time. Work your way to lvl 20 training camp and you will get 5*'s. There’s really no shortcuts. Yes, you can spend, and the more you spend, the bigger chance you will have to get some 5*'s. If you rush it, you’ll probably come back to the forums, asking where/how to get the necessary ascension items to make your 5*'s useful :slight_smile: .

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The odds are 1.5-2.5% chance of getting a 5*, you are highly unlikely to get one without many summons. That being said, it’s entirely based on luck.

It’s entirely based on devs greed


An alliance member of mine finally got their first 5* hours before reaching level 40. You’ll get there. In the meantime, if you aren’t enjoying the game, dont play.

Getting a 5* with gems is like a lottery. Nice to try but nothing to rely on. Im now playing for 14 months and almost all my 5* came from training camps.

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Get your 5 *'s from TC 20 and forget about the rest.

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It took about 9 months for me to get a 5*.

I guess it is luck - I did a single pull when Drake was HOTM and got him, have Greg from 10 pull and Kestrel from 10 pull. Since commissioning TC 20 - first pull was Azlar. So have 4 of them 5 stars and and maybe half of the mats needed to ascend them so it wont do any good to pull them early - my Peters (4*) has higher attack than Greg (5*) so yeah…

And I have played 5 months…

If i would guess then top dogs BUY ANY 4* ascension mats they could lay their hands on - and still dont have enough.

Hey guys can you please help me in putting a Defence team, a titan team and a raid team with the hero’s I have pls

I wrote this post Please Help with Team Setup! yesterday, which will be helpful for your titan teams. I won’t go into all the details again now, so just visit that post and if you have any questions then feel free to ask.

I see @RandaPandah is writing a message. I’ll back off a little as a duplicate message is not necessary. She will probably advice you about your defense and attack team also. You’ll be in good hands. :open_hands:

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First, I would highly recommend focusing on the heroes you already have ascended and finish them off at whatever ascension you have them on. You have quite a few ascended, but only at level one, so work them until they’re all maxed.

For Titans, you want to bring in as many strong colors vs the Titan as possible. Ideal team consists of a healer and attack buff (Kiril/BT), a defense lowerer (Grimm/Wilbur/Tibs), an elemental defense lowerer (which you don’t have so stack another strong color), someone strong again the Titan with high attack stat, and Wu/Tarlak for tile buff (though, you’re missing them too so add in another strong color if possible) If you don’t have enough strong colors, bring in someone who’s neutral.

For defense, I prefer rainbow teams to deter people from color-stacking against you. It’s difficult because I don’t see a lot of fast heroes leveled. Kashhrek is the best 4* tank, so I would make him yours for now. Li Xiu and Rigard flank. Kelile and Grimm wing? Idk I don’t like Grimm in the wings though, so after you finish out your heroes on whatever ascension they’re at, I would get a few more fasts. Proteus is good, he will replace Rigard in that lineup. Honestly, I might put Sonya instead of Grimm to dispel (left wing). No other yellows to choose from, but you could also end up making BT your tank. Then I would flank with Proteus and Grimm and maybe put Li in the wings and Caedmon on left wing.

Ideally, for defense, you want a solid tanky hero for your tank (high defense and health) flanked by some wreak havoc characters like Grimm, Proteus and/or Li Xiu, and in the wings you’ll want fast mana snipers preferrably, with dispellers, buffers, and defense downs on the left (since the Al moves from left to right)

As for attacking, well that all really depends on the opponent. Bring a dispeller if there are troublesome buffs, bring Rigard if there are ailments, and if you color-stack- bring in at least two of the color that are strong vs the tank, and ideally you want to remove the color that’s weak against the tank. Also, if you stack more than one color, pick the second most troublesome hero (for me it’s usually a flank hero).

There are a few heroes I would work on, and a few I would skip altogether (but finish them off if they’re ascended and have levels to go):

Red: Finish Wilbur, then do BT, then Scarlett, then do Kelile or Sumitomo last

Blue: Finish Grimm, then Kiril, then Sonya, second Grimm, Agwe last

Green: Might as well finish Kash, then LJ (since you’ve ascended both- they really need a few levels, all characters are a lot weaker at level one in comparison to a few levels down the road), then Caedmon for sure for that dispel, Gobbler if you struggle with minions and Gadeirus if you don’t for that buff in green, Skittle last

Yellow: Only Li Xiu- so her til you get Wu

Purple: Finish Rigard, then work on Proteus asap, then Tibs for Titans, Cyprian last

I didn’t include 3* or 5* but they’re important too, just come after 4* (imo)

I would do 3* next for events and to help fill out your roster for war and stacking, and leave 5* til last (and you’re close to having the mats) Although Zim would be worth taking to 60 early for that fast cleanse. So maybe after BT or Scarlett.


Thanks a lot Miranda, much appreciated just getting stuck that’s all and I’m sucking at titan as the tiles don’t fall my way and even if I use tornado still I never get a good drop like I do when I do provinces very rare I get over 6-7 combos on titan :frowning:

Once you have activated Wilbur during titan-fights, try to focus on moving the board in ways to possibly create diamonds or cascades. Wilbur’s Spirit Link will give you a lot of survivability, so it’s not necessary to aim your tiles on the titan it’s weak spot while Spirit Link is active.

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