Fix the f-ing raid system!

Offline for 5 minutes and raided 12 times, - 350 trophies!? I checking the last that had raided me (-50 trophies) , and that was just 1 minute before I went back online… He had 200 trophies more than me… So how the heck could he raid me for 50 trophies?!
And also, how the f**** can I revenge that raid when my tp max out at 3600 while he has over 4100tp!?
Just pay me back the money I spent on this game and I will change to another game that has at least some kind of fairness in its systems!!!

Maybe it’s time to bring SG to the authorities, especially since it looks like it’s possible to get this game banned in countries like Indonesia, Thailand and other countries that have strict laws against gambling… Just ask the DEV’s of World of Tanks… They had to change their approach as some parts of their promotions were deemed as gambling in Indonesia and Thailand, it almost got them banned/blocked (in Thailand WoT was blocked for a day or two…), so they were quick to change these promotions on the SEA servers!

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