Fix the Duplicate Pandemic

I know that hero academy was a bust being that it doesnt fix the Duplicate issue so maybe they should try something like Tavern of Legends. for example, have 2 different HOTM each month let’s use Gravemaker and Hel.
A player can only choose one same way they have the ascension chest every so often in which you can only pick 1 ascension item.
the requirements could be a select amount of heroes ex. 5-10 Legendary and 5-10 Epic heroes.
there can be an option either you dont have to wait and get the hero instantly by dishing 3000 ham and 3000 iron 100 recruits no gems or wait 7 days 100 gems.

send this to SG itll work and people would be much happier.

I had another idea for the duplicate problem.

Suppose you are doing a Valhalla summon. If the game let you trade in a duplicate hero in addition to your Valhalla coins / gems, but guaranteed you received a hero of the same s. E.g. You put in a 4 duplicate and 100 coins and get a 4* out. The 4* would need to be different to the one you put in, but could be any other 4* available from the Valhalla summon.

The advantages of this is that SG can still introduce new, stronger heroes which those who pay a lot will want to get. However, those who don’t pay much will still have a decent chance of getting some of them, so the game balance won’t be screwed.

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