Fix the chat

The chat in dutch is not working well

Please give details…?

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same here as soon as i try to open the alliance button

Hello @Rook
since the last update I have a lot of problems with the tchat too.
the conversations go away the server looks, and it lasts 3 to 4 minutes.
I had at least 20 disconnection of the tchat today.
it is painful :confused:
surely a problem with this update

Please contact Game Support:

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Thats what i did. Meanwhile it seems ok

It seems ok for now.

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I don’t know about with the latest E&P for Android, but I’ve had bad experiences with Chat message submissions causing lock-up of the entire Empires & Puzzles game. This been happening every so often, and across several E&P updates and on multiple Android devices. Seems like a buffer overflow issue with the internal message submission code.

The only workaround is to terminate running game and re-launch it! Annoying!

We are having issues with chat as well. I know beating a dead horse won’t get me anywhere. However, the more that voice the information about this issue, the better the chances of help. And yes a few members of our alliance have restarted their games to try to fix the problem.

We are using an Android device to play the game/

I know my issues (iOS) have gone away with the new update. If you are still having issues, please contact Game Support.

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Not fixed with v1.11.5 Build 660 of the Android version of this game. It hasn’t been fixed, this issue… as I knew it wouldn’t be… Oh Well! :sleeping:

Will do. And have done it. Thanks for the reply.

New record! Three times today! I did report it initially though via the other channel. :slight_smile:

I’ve been having chat trouble for at least two months now. I can’t even click on it to pull up a box. Updated my phone and updated the app, but no luck.

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I still got chat freeze during 1 minute or more. Mostly off the time i have to restart the game

Does it lock up the entire game? Or only affects you connecting to chat server, and be able to close out of that chat screen and doing other E&P things will work?

btw this running on iOS or Android?

Only chat doesn t work. I can do queste and levels. I got a samsung

. It also happens when i using data and not Wi-Fi

Yes. The issue I’ve mentioned is altogether a separate one. However considering the topic title is generalizing, I thought I’d also post mine and a few others experiences. Complete game lock-up once in awhile, that requires to completely terminate the game instance and re-launch it in order for the E&P game to respond to ANY input whatsoever.

Happens once in awhile when attempting to send a line in E&P chats. A malformed text box that extends right across the bottom of the screen and overlapping the blue ‘Send’ button.

This experiences on Android, and multiple devices and behind multiple Internets, and when issue occurs, it wasn’t result of poor Internet connectivity. Regardless a game or application should never lock-up and require termination and re-launching of it.

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