Fix the broken Raid matching system

Instead of it being based on how many trophies people have, base it on relative power levels.

How is it fair to match up an attacker with a defender that is hundreds of points weaker?

Example - I hear in my Alliance, and experience myself, attacks from teams rated at up to 4500-4600, against defences of only 3600 or so. You can’t ‘revenge’ attack against that, you’ll get absolutely creamed. Or, you find a foe that is about evenly matched, but get an absolute pittance of points for winning, whilst you drop two or three times that amount if you lose.

Can anyone explain to me in what drug-addled mind that is fair? Is balanced?

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there will always be some players who set a weak defense for cup dropping…
And on their way back up they will show up in some players raid list with a much better defense then others at this cup range…

However - you are free to use the reroll button :slight_smile:


The raid system is the smartest thing about E&P. It is about rise and fall. You rise fast going for teams with good cup ratios (<45/16) and once at the peak you fall even faster, back to your natural cup level, due to the same mechanics you used while climbing. This neverending game of cat and mouse allows a fluid liderboard that no one player can dominate indefinitelly and most important, allows weaker players to go to the top, for a brief moment, if they play it smart. Players that never spent a cent on the game can get to #1 global on a good day, I know this because I’ve done it more than once. I much enjoy the raid system, it’s the only thing that keeps me playing after four years.


Why do people have this notion that fairness should play a part in gaming?

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All you have to do is read the reply provided by @MichlD90 …. It’s spot on.
Particularly during POV - players will set a low level defence team, even just fielding one hero, and then field a stronger team for revenge.
The rest is just down to randomness and luck that works both ways …. On my alt account I consistently look for much higher power teams knowing that a win can get me 50 cups but just 3 or 4 cups if I lose the raid.
Either way it’s just a game and cups are worth absolutely zilch / nothing, not really even bragging rights


I thought the same as well, but then I figured, what does teampower really have to do with it? I have a way lower TP than anyone I ever encounter in the raids, but so what? I win some, lose some and stay more or less where I am, for some reason my TP is just lower than everybody elses… Clearly other factors are more important than TP.
Guess I am simply the better player, or at least I keep telling myself that :stuck_out_tongue:
Wins on defense might have to do with the fact that my team 1. Looks super weak, so people don´t bother planning and just hit it with whatever they last used and 2. Is apparently quite different (no 5 stars, they are to bothersome to upgrade lol) and therefore same team doesn´t work. Obviously this won´t ever get me anywhere close to the top of the game, but I bounce around comfortably in platinum league and occasionally after a good run I open a diamond box.
My attack TP is usually around 3.8 to 4k. I never get anyone that small, usually they are 4.4k to 4.8k on rare occasions a bit below or above that.
I don´t look much at their TP(or colours for that matter), but mostly how much I lose for losing (or win for winning) and what type of heroes they have. If I only lose 10 for a loss I can lose twice and win on the third and still come out ahead. And there are few team I cannot beat in 3 tries, but even if it happens i only lose 30. Next fight I win 50 on a first try and I´m back in the game :slight_smile:

But really raids are just a timekiller for me when I have nothing else to do… I don´t do them every day.

Long story short: TP isn´t important, matching against people within the same cup range makes sense as it matches people with similar ambition level against each other. If they do it with voodoo or skills or brute force, who cares?
It´s basically a performance index rather than an arbitrary number that depends on hitpoints (or whatever TP is based on).

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