Fix the alliance wars! Losing by 1200 is ridiculous

We are in lower scores.
49K total; 19K trophys and 29K titan score.
So we are low level alliance with some experienced players. We are lucky we have 5 decent hero’s to gain some experience and items in game and surely do not have close to 3 or up teams for wars.
So maybe at high level the war is pretty okay, in lower regions I can tell you from experience it is not so much fun. :slight_smile:

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Our alliance had two mismatches very early (one for us, one against us) but since them has had only close wars. We’re 4-5 (we lost the last one by a small margin and we could have won it vwith a bit more communication, darn it).

So it’s working for us. Our Titan score is about 60k.

Edit: Just to clarify - currently Titan Score only is used for matching. Total Alliance Score is no longer used.

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We are in 50k titan range and have had solid matchups every time. And yes, we’ve lost as well. I made this request many times in these threads and until recently (like now) no one ever posted where this issue was happening. I mostly wanted to see if it was isolated to a general area of titan score.

Cool, thanks! Wasn’t sure if/when trophy score had been discounted.


I’ve read the last week’s post of the other thread.
If matchmaking could take into account team power of the top 30 heroes but with some multipliers could it be a good idea? This way the 5 :star: defender would match only with similar alliances.

( 15 x (1°-5° highest team power heroes sum) +
10 x (6°-10° highest team power heroes sum) +
5 x (11°-15° highest team power heroes sum +
1 x (All others 15 highest team power heroes sum) ) /n° heroes

That’s an approach that @Little_Infinity is fond of. I’m not so sure.

Firstly, it seems to be a solution engineered to solve one particular problem. So it’s unlikely to solve slightly different problems. We can probably think of some mismatches it would create, and some perverse incentives too, if we try hard enough.

Secondly, we currently use Titan Score for matching and that already does what you describe, in a way, with very heavy weight to team 1, much less weight to teams 2 and 3, and almost no weight to teams 4-6. So if all you’re talking about is changing the weights a bit, will that really make a huge difference? Probably not, right?

Thirdly, this proposed solution starts to get complicated (not always a bad thing, but not the first option) and invites alliances to ‘game it’ to get themselves better matches. Titan Score has the advantage of being something alliances don’t like messing with because it can hurt their rewards.

If mismatches were typical then maybe we should look to change again. I don’t think they are, but only SG know for certain.

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They have to release leaderboards and a separate score in wars. This war score need to take part in matchmaking algorithm togheter with titan score. I don’t think the wars will stay like that, because they are very poor implemented and winning wars is useless. You get nothing, you cannot see a history of wars you fight before,there is no leaderboard, In fact is still a beta feature.

There’s a lot of truth in that, except for the “you get nothing” bit. If you win, you win an ascension roll. Some would argue that’s the most valuable thing in the game.

When I will win an ascension roll(3* or higher) I would change my opinion about this, till now for me was absolutely nothing. For my alliance teammates was the same and we won 5 or 6 wars till now.

That’s randomness. We’ve won 4 wars. I’ve collected a 3* ascension item (think it was a hidden blade, might have been trap tools) and multiple other alliance members have had similar. Not everyone, of course - don’t be deceived by your personal experience.

Btw - chances of no alliance members collecting any non-farmable ascension items after 5 or 6 wins are extremely slim. Are you certain you’ve been tracking closely?


We always announce when we received something after titans, we do this after wars too in the last weeks but all I see on my chat are words that I get banned here if I use them :))). Maybe we are unlucky but anyway they have to improve on wars. Leaderboards and targets (war chest, consecutive wins) in wars can make ground for some more specific rewards that can justify the performance of your alliance and somehow reward your hard work and time spent on that.

Leaderboards and targets are good ideas. Just don’t underrate those ascension rolls.

We see about a 10-15% drop rate for unfarmables from war wins. So figure 3 or so of us (we are not a full 30) see something worthwhile.

I will ask again on my chat if anyone receive something after the indroduction of wars. Maybe we have some lucky quiet guys out there. Anyway I enjoy wars, we are some players there( 3,4 from us) that keep all the strategy and try to maximize the value of all the attacks in our alliance. We spend hours on the war screen and in the end, after you are in top 3 every war, you get only small things. it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Killing titans give much more for less work and strategy and is not ok. I hope that after they come with a final version and they make some improvements on Charts, the performance will be rewarded. If not I will do my attacks in 5 minutes and never open the war tab till the next war starts :)))


Wars are a team effort, so being “in top 3” doesn’t matter (and shouldn’t matter). The best war contributions come not by scoring the most points, but by helping your team score the most points.


What I mean is that I give my best on this feature.
Update: only 2 guys out of 27 I have asked received an ascension item after 6 wins. 3 are offline in the last hour. I think is very little to keep me work hard on strategy from now on. Till they make some improvements we play casual, without a big effort from me and the other guys involved in strategy and organization. We already know that we are good enough to win some wars. The excitement is gone without some benefits :slight_smile:


My alliance is about 80-85k Titan score. Matchups have generally been good, but this last one was an unexpected blow-out against another top-15 team. Not sure if that’s a matchup problem or just a problem our opponent had internally.

I still call BS. :slight_smile:

Victory rewards are lackluster in AW anyway: AW is what you optimize for either last or second to last in my opinion when we’re talking about game progression.

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I agree with this - for now. Optimising for AW after more important things is why we’d see players dumping heroes 15-30 and not even more. But if rewards were to be boosted…

The vast majority of players are not high spenders.

The majority of players ground out those heroes the hard way, or paid money they consider meaningful for them. Both suggest not doing this.

I think your assumptions on player psychology are seriously flawed if you think they’re going to dump heroes they’ve worked on… especially for AW. People are far more likely to hoard than strategically dump, far more. Trying to get all 30 people to do this, most would just leave, they can find a better alliance more aligned with them anyway if the leader tried to mandate it.

I just don’t think if they matched based on top 30 heroes it’d be much of a problem as you state if at all frankly, but virtually all the matchmaking algorithms have some issues… and it’s pretty clear SG isn’t taking my idea of top 30 anyway so not sure why it continues to come up.

Would be nice to talk about something else anyway TBH.

ETA: if SG changed the matchmaking algorithm to something other than the obvious Titan Score or the former Alliance Score, odds are we’d never ever know what they did anyway and they would never ever tell us… which means this doom and gloom scenario of people whacking their heroes is basically hyperbole :slight_smile:

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