Fix the Alchemy Lab & Alkashard rewards

Some very good ideas from both of you (+ @Epigenetic), thank you for taking the time to put in some great feedback. When I was thinking of changes, mine were more along the lines of @MAGS661 's suggestions but both are constructive and would really boost the credibility & value of AL. The more people that use it, the more gems it chews up…best case scenario for SG and players alike.

The reason I like choosing the mat (whether it’s AL10 or the reward) is because, when you make something (whether it’s a cake or steel), generally you know you’re going to mix certain things and come out with something else. It’s not like baking RNG gives you brownies when you expected cookies. At the very least, reducing the alkashard count to 5K and getting to chose that 4* mat would be a great first step. But if you’re going to fix it, you might as well overhaul it with some of these other suggestions and just do it right the first time.

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This would certainly make me consider using it…

TBH this was the last straw for me - after this came out, with the greed involved it was finally enough for me to drastically reduce how much I paid into the game.

It’s too late for me now, I’m liking paying less. But the annoyance initiated in other players when they get to this point could be avoided. Just saying this update certainly meant they got less money from me. Might be the same with other players… Maybe noone are as suborn as me tho… Still, annoying your player base is rarely a good thing, and this has certainly done that.


Hi @zephyr1
You closed my topic, I understand why, but you could give me some time to reply the replies, BEFORE closing… I mean it doesn’t matter if you close it a day after I read and replied all, isn’t it?

The main issue, I asked sg. already existing — but I did not know about. This is the point! When an Alchemy Lab appears for a gamer? At which Stronghold level? 20 or 23? When a simple mortal gamer get the Alchemy Lab, please? After 2 years of hard farming and building (not using money), maybe?
I’m just playing the game for weeks already 10 heroes of 4* and 5* of mine are awaiting for rare ascending materials! It is only a question of recruits and foods commonly available and easy to farm or buy. Not like ascending materials.
I guess I’ll reach the Alchemy Lab in months. So the Alchemy Lab isn’t a good answer for my Self TRADE house. As training and crafting, also a self trading could be applied (like the barracks) up to a certain level could work like the crafting buildings, having levels inside.
This is what I mentioned. I do not think a (my) Trading House is similar to the (game’s) Alchemy Lab — even having common parts.
Please be aware, I’ll see an Alchemy Lab after dekades :smile: only while you already own one.

Alchemy Lab is either stronghold level 22 or 23, APotek. At stronghold level 20 you reach stronghold level 20. As far as waiting for ams is comcerned: this is a slow game, everyone waits. You won’t achieve a lot by buying ams, these items are given to you.

really great ideas there ! I love it ! Hope that SG will listen…
Note : under current transmute conditions, I’d say that a tenth of the ham cost would be reasonable

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Hiya @APatok, obviously i’m not Z but I can try answering some of your questions.

If your thread got closed it is likely that it got merged into an existing thread rather than fully closed. If it was closed its because all the questions posed have been answered by linking to other threads where discussion can continue.
If the thread got MERGED, it means that your original post (and all subsequent replies) are now “replies” in another thread. This is done because the content of the Original Post (OP) is so similar to another thread, leaving both open would create clutter & duplicate answers etc… Merged threads can be replied to, so you can still reply to any coments on your original post.

Alchemy Lab is available for construction (conversion) at Stronghold Level 23. You convert an existing building to the Alchemy Lab (most people use a Forge if they are building the AL).
Most people should (with the VIP) be able to build the AL after 6-12 months of play time DEPENDING ON ACTIVITY level… more active you will be able to get there faster. Without VIP its about twice to 2.5 times as long a period (12-18 odd months).

It really is… It’s the same concept as what you were asking for… You wanted a way to convert some of the items you have an excess of into another item you really want. That by definition is the Alchemy Lab…
And For The Record, any additional buildings would be implemented at a stronghold level HIGHER than SH23… meaning it would be even FURTHER down the track for a new player to access…

Possible but unlikely. Zeph has been a pretty loud advocate of how useless the AL is and has on a number of occasions said it would be the LAST thing he builds… even when its the only thing left to build & research he’s said hes not sure he would convert it…

But the uselessness of the Alchemy Lab is the point of THIS thread… to make it effective & something that people will actually want to use…

You can read more about the Alchemy Lab on this thread below:

NOW back to the topic of actually fixing the existing Lab!


Great ideas, @MAGS661

There is so much wrong with alchemy lab right now. I totally agree on lowering the amount of alkashards required to get a reward. There is no point in grinding for shards at all. At the moment, I think many players wouldn’t even accumulate enough shards in one year to get a reward.

Especially when lvl 9 and 10 are so unattractive to all kinds of players, from f2p to ptw. When AL came out my only motivation to build it was to reach level 10. There were four different 4* mats I needed, so the chances to receive one that would be useful to me were kind of ok. Now that I have almost reached level 10, there are only 2 kinds of items left that would be useful to me. That’s just too much of a gamble. And it doesn’t seem as if I would reach the point soon, where AL 10 gets attractive to me.

And as already mentioned most levels are completely unattractive to players who got that far to build the AL. Even unfarmable 3* asc mats won’t be needed by many people at that point. Level 7+8 are just not worth the gems. The only level I use atm is level 2. And only when I really don’t know what else to do with my ham. Which is not that often the case. So even if it were only 5k shards needed, It would take probaby 2-3 years to get them, if there won’t be any changes.

So right now, lvl 2 has a little use. Lvl 4 might as well, but even less. And all the rest, no use at all.

I think having the options to choose which items you would get out, would be a good change. Or, what I would like even more: Different recipes for each level. Depending on the combination of items you use, you will get a certain item as a result.

Only lvl 9 and 10 should be costing gems. And either they should cost less gems or they should garantuee you the item you want.

Also, as mentioned, a higher chance for a 4* mat in lvl 9 would be great. And if there were the option to choose which item to craft, it would make sense that the chance to get a 4* mat would be only for the same element. For example you can craft a winter coat with the chance of getting a telescope instead.


Alchemy lab needs to be reworked ASAP. @Epigenetic 's Suggestion of turning items into Alkashards which can be used as a currency to “buy” low level items is on point.

What do the people want?

  1. turn junk items into useful ones (turn training manuals into adventurer’s kits, or common herbs into leather strips or crude iron). Make this happen at the low levels and fairly quickly!
  2. turn imbalances of high level (3* unfarmable and 4* ascension materials) into other ones of the same class. I have 4 Damascus Blades but 17 ToTs. That seems like something I should correct with some time and renewable resources but not by spending 3k gems. Not to mention it would take many months just to build advanced storages and building upgrades/research time to get to that point. Lower the gem costs 5-10x and we’ll talk.
    -everything in between (1* to 2* items, etc.) seems silly.

Hi, all. It is no secret that Alchemy Lab is not liked by a great number of players. Perhaps this idea could change that: conversion.

The concept is simple: instead of transmuting to an item of a higher star, we could choose to convert an item to another of the same star.

I am proposing this because I am sure a lot of us have more training manuals than we ever will need. Instead of transmuting them into wooden shields which are just as useless, why not converting them into adventurer’s kits, something we all need? Or converting common herbs into leather strips or large bones so we could make the much-needed mana potions?

Of course, as a trade off, the developers could raise the conversation cost (more food & iron; but not gem); or reduced the number of shards produced.

The point is, we need to make the Alchemy Lab more useful. Right now I am sure it is the most under-utilitized feature of the game.



This is a post I wrote into the active-player-lounge, so I’ll post it under your suggestion to widen the discussion :slight_smile:

Now, I think that with this system wouldn’t be possible to abuse the market:

Automatic Trading System - Building required

From the building you would be able to select the desired amount of items (restricted) and your selling item. Only few trades per day and with an increased cost.

What if trading’s limits would be:

  • Time based

    • Being able to trade X times every Y time
    • X would be possible to be increased with a building’s level
    • Y could be only be decreased with gems
  • Quality based

    • Only crafting & TC material’s trade are allowed
    • Trading a higher level item for a lower one wouldn’t be possible
    • Trading a lower level item for a higher would be possible only within 1 :star: difference
    • The n° of tradeable items would change with item’s rarity
      • x01 4 :star: item per trade
      • x03 3 :star: items per trade
      • x05 2 :star: items per trade
      • x10 1 :star: item per trade
  • Quantity based

    • According to market’s law the item’s requirement would change:
      • If you select to trade Common Herbs for a Backpack on your first day it would cost something like 3:1 (Common Herb : Backpack), selecting up to 10 Backpacks.
    • As long as Common Herbs would be your selling item his value will lower:
      • 4:1 after 40 sold Common Herbs
      • 5:1 after 50 sold Common Herbs …
      • The rateo will lower after 10 days and have a cap of 10:1

I love this! I’m always out of bones :cry:


I agree, convert to the same level of item AND IT SHOULDN’T COST GEMS. Just time and food/iron.

Hero lab should work the same way.

And it would be great if some part of it were more usable early on. I think the hunters lodge is useful, and most importantly it’s useful at level 1.


That’s a good idea :+1:. I have totally abandoned my Alchemy Lab as I see as pointless, aggravating, expensive, time consuming and completely useless. But I like your idea :+1:.


Thanks for your support, guys! @Rook @Easysteps @Edith

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Hey @lightsmessenger, maybe jump on this thread:

Fix the Alchemy Lab & Alkashard rewards

Post ideas there? It’s already got a fair number of votes?


Merged. :slight_smile:


I have been playing for approx. 2 months and one 5* hero of mine already started the way to be lvl80, eleven (11!) other 5* and 4* heroes are waiting for more dozens of rare ascending materials to be developed…
I only have Stronghold lvl18, to get to the level I can build an Alchemy Lab (if I do not pay a high amount of gems) will be MORE than I played till today!
I could really tell, at lvl21 and above I may absolutely do not need no Alchemy Lab!
Alchemy Lab ISN’T the answer to my request, as beginner and intermediate player would need a-kind-of self-trade-building starting from 1* ascension/developing materials till 5* ones.
I understand your point of view and your thoughts, you are but interpreting my idea wrongly, I think. A Self Trade building, I described, which shall be available from the beginning, is not the Alchemy Lab exists in a far-far-far reality somewhere in a hard-to-achive-future.

I totally support the often mentioned idea of transmuting items to other items of the sam rarity. As I said before, most levels are entirely useless. Especially 3 and 6 I bet nobody will use. So please start with them and turn them in something useful. And then go on with improving all the other levels and finally give people a reason to build that lab.


I have been playing empires and puzzles for about 3 yrs now. Love the game it’s my favorite game of all the others I play. Only wish when we get to have our free hero pick. I feel it would be such a wonderful thing if we could get the heroes or warriors we wanted. It’s so frustrating to get a 1 or 2 star one most of the time. So disappointed when I get one that’ll take at least 3 or 4 of them to upgrade a hero or warrior. Especially if you have used your hard to get diamonds to pay for them. I don’t have lots of money to spend on the the game and find out I get a player who is in my group. It’s been hard enough to compete in the challenges, raids, and wars. But is more aggravating when other players can slaughter you almost immediately. Because you have to work with * ** *** if your lucky **** and the other is having *** **** ***** heroes. You mostly don’t stand a chance to beat them. Even if we could get the heroes or warriors we wanted by trading our excess in white manuals. Or other items that are not doing us any good that would be such a help. Like I have a bunch of capes for ascending Krull the Wizard with the white beard and the axis. But am having trouble getting the sheilds I need to assend my fire hero Colen I have been trying to force about 6 or 8 wks now I just got my 2nd shield today. But I could have sworn that I had 3 and the one I got today would be the 4th. I was all jacked thinking I could finally assent him. But my list shows that with today’s I only have 2 it’s like where is the other one I know I had. Is someone hacking into my game and taking the items I’ve struggled and fought so hard to get. Can someone please help me fix whatever is wrong with my acct. Sincerely yours, CabinBeaver56

APatok, a self trade building will never happen as Empire is meant to be played slowly. I also don’t think it would be a great idea as just getting all you need is the opposite of what Empire is all about. Empire is about grinding for all players. Your idea would be unfair to all those who did all the hatd work.

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