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Gosh, not only sycophantic but curs now too. Remind me who is being aggressive again? Anyway Samantha is right, even if there was a tile tally you’d claim it was lying or not working properly. So it would be a waste of everybody’s time, really. One thing I don’t understand is how many people are utterly convinced that they are being done over, but still carry on playing and complaining about it. There must be some fair and transparent activity you could be engaging in instead.

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Yep… Agree with topicstarter. This game does everything to confuse the players and not give them anything. Viewing defends - no, viewing and analysing your own battles - no, post-battle statistics - who needs it. The maximum non-transparent policies.

Your very first post in this topic was to defend SG’s “sterling job”, and to accuse the OP of being an eternal complainer :slight_smile:


To the original post as to why they ignore the forum.
You are under a misconception that this forum is here for SG to communicate with us. By communicate I mean a conversation. They say something, we respond, they respond to that, etc etc.

This forum is for the community to communicate with each other. SG does make announcements here and occasional interact. Those interactions are not meant to indicate the forum’s purpose is to have a conversation with us. This forum is for the community and not to communicate with SG.

To the tile opinions.
I think a tile counter is a great idea. perhaps someone could code an app that overlays as you play like the video recorders do. It scans the screen and creates a count of tiles or perhaps its part of a video recorder.
It could finally settle the debate.


Always the same people defending the crumbling reputation of a broken game. You’d think with all the money they make, they’d at least make these monkeys log into multiple alt accounts to confuse us on who’s under their payroll. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I guess my only thing with putting in a tile summary at the end is I’m not sure it would make a difference to the mindsets.

There are odds posted for summons and loot possibilities in tournament/ event lots and still there are conspiracy theories about SG manipulation and crying when the odds give what they could.

Would people then track their tile summaries over time or just immediately come on post a screenshot of the summary and give out that everything wasnt exactly the same for all colours. Random is random after all and sometimes/ very often everything wont work out to the exact ratio but will even out over time.

Pretty opinionated, but absolutely agree. Have a good day :wink:

Always the same people saying how rubbish the game is but for some reason still playing it…

I’d just like to confirm I don’t work for SGG but I do like and enjoy the game.

But contrary to popular belief I don’t actually defend them, they are big enough to do that themselves. I just play devils advocate and challenge the opinions. There’s more Tim hit nonsense conspiracy theories around this game than anything I’ve ever seen.

It baffles me how cheated people feel yet keep playing it. Just quit and find something new if it’s that bad. I mean for your own sanity to do that. Why anyone would keep playing a game they feel cheats them is literally beyond me.

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I’m a big @Cheds fan. At first I was just happy to see challenge event scores and strategies. Lately I’ve been thankful for providing some reasonable responses to the way certain things work.

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Thank you. As a member of the Cheds fan club you get an annual calendar and a cuddly Cheds toy.

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Oh ya to the people with reading disabilities or language barriers let me sum it up for you. I did not once say the boards are made bad on purpose. I’m saying they are bad because the RNG algorithm is badly designed by imbeciles and they ought to fix it. That’s was the entire premise.

Can you please sign me up for a 3-year subscription?


Firstly, it is pretty difficult to make a bad RNG algorithm - you could get something decent with just a comput science student, and they have more than that at their disposal. I mean, all they really have to do is put a random tile in every position on the board and check for matches - if there are any matches just throw out the board and start again. It would be super fast to compute as nothing would be represented graphically until a starting board configuration was validated. Replacement tiles would be generated on the fly and no extra computation is required there. Based on the behaviour of the boards I think this is exactly how they have implemented it and nothing I have seen or experienced in thousands of raids suggest otherwise to me.

Secondly - what exactly would you define as a “bad” RNG alorithm? Please state in detail what you think is wrong with the algorithm they have. Is it the distribution of colors? The placement of like colors? Or something beyond that? The more detail you provide the better - it will help me overcome the learning disability my wife insists I have

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Is that the one where you can’t remember what day the bins go out, or where the washing up liquid is kept?

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