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Yes, of course, you’re right, boards can be rigged in more than one way, that’s 100% true, but keeping track of the number of tiles will sure be a step in the right direction. And a simple one to implement. This way those who claim they know for sure things are one way, or another, might be in for a major surprise… but, of course, this will never happen… it’s purely theorethical… this debate will go on for as long as E&P servers are running and both sides will be 100% convinced they hold the absolute truth… people are so easily fooled by their own believes, they usually fail to see the truth even when it bites them in the a…

Well, unless they have eyes in their back… :laughing:

That’s a feature reserved for mother in laws… at least that’s what they say around these parts… :wink:

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I still play the game…not very often but I still play and by spending money I’m talking about speed of leveling buildings, rebuying world flask to rerun stages hundreds of times, +30 troops. We have 3 year players who don’t have a single +30 troop. So before you assume what I mean try asking. All those things involve spending money to get an advanctage over players who cannot and then sit back and act like you have some actual skill. The players who are in the top ranks with no spending, those are the players i respect not a bunch of credit card mono ,20 +30 troop having, hundred repeats on a stage players saying everything is fine. Everything in thiis game hasn’t been fine for a while.

One simple question for you guys !

What is your highest combo?
My highest is 19. I did not had more then 6-8 combo in months…

I want to see answers from players who start playing not longer then 9-11 months.
Not from old goats who play for 2+ years and have 20+.

26, happened once, otherwise never over 17, I think. I’m out of your scope, as I started the game in January 2020, but you made me check, so I thought I’d tell you anyway.

I’ve been sitting at 14 for over a year. And been playing for just under 2. The multi-hit is a very misleading stat though IMHO. It could have happened on a daily quest board where the enemy had already been killed off yet RNG is still rolling of matching tiles, lol

Ian487, I’m against it because it has been done before. Result: those on the 'rigged" side still only listened to themselves believing that the data were fake. Everything is as it’s supposed to be…conspiracy theorists just don’t accept it.

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Damn… been playing every day for three years and I never noticed it… must have slipped my eye… when exactly was a tile summary available at the end of a field? I should go have a word with my eye doctor, she said I didn’t need glasses…

ian487, I don’t know whether it was exactly a tile summary, but one guy did a spreadsheet with 100 or more results and it was absolutely clear that things were as they should be. Since for me it was what I expected, it didn’t matter to me. I’m sure you can find it. This is all such nonsense since people who believe in conspiracy theories, will only believe what supports their view (just as happened with the last US election), so what’s the point?

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Ian487,. Answer me one question:. Who would gain something from rigging any part of the game? It would be the most pointless thing to do for any company and that’s the main reason why all these conspiracy theories are garbage.

So…my post is hidden because I objected to being accused of being ‘a sycophant’ and/or am working for SG…whilst the very rude post making these crazy accusations is still there? Hmm…tells me that certain people have a warped view as to what ought to be flagged.

Been through this before… 100 boards… no, actually there’s about 10000 boards or something like that… and it’s about 0,00002 % of the total… yes, that’s right, 0,00002%… that’s like next to nothing… still, I don’t see what harm would come from adding a summary at the end of the tile fields. If you’re right and boards aren’t messed with it would only confitm it…

Long story short… money.

Ian 487, of course boards aren’t messed with. The aim of every company is to increase profit. You don’t do that by manipulating boards. I suggest you do something really simple: keep a record of wins and losses - at least 100 - and you will see that everything is RNG. But I fully support a tile count if it would shut up just one of you. Only it won’t.

You don’t need to covince me, I don’t take either side. To me, boards being intentionally messed with is a possibility, not a certitude. Same as boards being fair. I don’t take sides, but I can’t help but notice that people defending SG honor are far more agressive than those acusing them of miss behaviour… not really sure why…


Ian487, aggressive? Okay, so in the last 24 hours I have been accused of working for SG (I wish…) and of being a sycophant. So yes, I guess this stuff (and that’s really the more harmless end) makes me a bit aggressive,. especially if the very same people flag my post. Can’t speak for anyone else.

Aggressive? Which side uses words like SCAM and SLAP and threatens lawyers all over the place?

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Have a day off you lot. Getting angry about something you can’t do nothing about. Seems a bit pointless. Vent all you want. SG don’t care so just get on with it or quit.

Don’t think in all the time on this hav I seen any staff answer any questions unless it’s about making them money of help in fixing bugs.

For the record no one is angry about anything other than the fact that in order to call something a GAME all player should have the ability to win the top prize. Player level, how much they spent, none of that should matter in a GAME. Because in a GAME we all start off with the same chance to win or lose. As soon as something can be manipulated it is no longer a GAME and with the amount of manipulation used in this so called GAME 8t is simply a SCAM. Bring any of these whales over to where im at that ia a real GAME and watch how quick we make them tuck tail and run back over here because all them paid for advantages don’t mean ■■■■ :slight_smile:

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