Fix something please

I’ve been lead here from the Ideas and Feedback link in the game.

It seems that nothing or little from the feedback and ideas here are being worked on or even acknowledged by the team.

Garbage Heros remain ■■■■. OP heros get nerfed only after months of complains and only if prominently featured in almost all hero formations on the leaderboards.

They refuse to have a final tile tally board after each battle to determine and confirm the tile board imbalances.

No explaination on why ■■■■■■ heros still are what they are even after months of feedback.

What’s the point of feedback and ideas if all thats here is players bellyaching and speculation.


Many ideas from the forums have been implemented in the game over time. Others with better recollections than me can probably list them all. Many haven’t, also. It would be impossible to implement everything. Not to say that I think they have done a sterling job of implementing the best/most important stuff - for example a better way of handling unwanted 5* heroes is glaringly missing and is an issue for almost every player in the game. And why can’t there be an auto recipe function in the AL? My fingers get sore and that makes me not want to do things in there at times.

Which heroes do you think are garbage?

Which heroes do you think rae OP?

What imbalances?


Merrique,. That’s your opinion. I think SG is doing a sterling job and I wish they would listen less to the eternal complaints of the forum members.


There are so many glaring imbalances there’s an entire forum board addressing them.

And there are also plenty sycophantic forum trolls whom probably work for SGG. Everything thats not in favor seems to be due to the players being self entitled or demanding. Even worse, when valid issues like persistent bad tile boards is brought up, some trolls mock them as “conspiracy theories”

Why not have a total tile tally of each color after each raid and war. That will certainly clear things up to see if boards are being biased because of bad rng or simply bad coding by some moron.

And if they think they are doing such a perfect job why don’t they remove the ideas and feedback function, since they aren’t doing ■■■■ anyway.

People feedback why how the game ruins their gaming experiences for improvement. But it seems SGG is doing next to nothing to address them or simply claim nothing is wrong.


You haven’t answered any of the questions. All you have really done is defined a “troll” as someone who has a different opinion to you.

Countless projects have been done to do this counting and they have all determined that tile colours come as per the expected average. Why don’t you count starting tiles from 200 raids yourself? You will surprise yourself with the answer.

Again, a number of ideas have been implemented from the forum ideas section.

Again, I agree there are some issues in the game, particularly QOL stuff. But if you start mixing in unsubstantiated things like board manipulation with the actual good ideas, plus saturate with hundreds of complaints posts, then is it really any wonder that the good ideas get lost?


I’ll give this vent a 9/10 because you used paragraphs.

It was close to a 10/10. You had boards being rigged, anyone with a slightly positive opinion being an employee and some swears.

Just needed a couple of CAPITAL letter words in there and you’d have achieved vent perfection.

I only feel it is fair to offer some ideas for you to implement as well after all.


It’s not a vent and you’ve just proved my point. Thank you

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Because that’s what they are. At least until one of those many “the boards are rigged” people would prove it. But I have never seen that. Only, there was no red tiles during the last green Titan, so it must be a big conspiracy and if you say otherwise you are (please choose up to 3 possibilities) employed by Sg / paid by Sg / an Idiot / a fanboy / aTroll / blind / stupid / a hater…

There are statements, from Sg that the boards are random. I get it, they are the lying evil in some peoples mind.
There is also data from players, proving that the board is indeed random (never saw it the other way round) but that’s probably fake, or if not fake definitely wrong, because we all know, feelings are the new facts.


Yes , its very suspect. Some seem to post on these forums with the purpose of defending SGG as a full time job.


To the people saying the boards are random and ask for proof that they are not here is easily some proof for you. There are many rounds I have played where I have only one damn move on the whole board. Within seconds after moving said tile the board has already decided that all of my heroes are gonna die before the board has even finished its algorithm.

Numerous times with multiple heroes on the board, I get ready to make my next move and I can’t because while the cascades is still going the other teams specials have started to charge and before anyone had even fired I know my whole team is dead because it won’t allow me to even think about shifting another tile because it’s already rationalized that my whole team is gonna be killed by the enemies moves 5 to 6 moves before anyone has even fired or recieved their specials…

That is not ■■■■■ random and this happens all the ■■■■■ time. You credit card warriors will defend this travesty of a money sink and continue to stroke your +30 troops and I only run mono" attitude in a game with 5 damn colors making you people look like the biggest joke in the game spending 10s of thousands of dollars to rebuy flask after flask and act like some form of “skill” was required to run one color team until there was a nice board. No totally random board could know all of your heroes are gonna be dead 7 or 8 moves ahead of time unless the board isn’t ■■■■■ random.

Don’t argue with these people, they are not gamers they are twats with expendable income who found a way to boost their egos of their sorry ■■■ real lives by being p2w in every aspect of the game vexuaee every single tournament has some way for a person to rebuy more chances unlimitedly.

I have logged into this dumpster fire 2 times in the last 4 months and it’s the same people with the same arguments that everything is fine IF YOU SPEND STUPID AMOUNTS OF MONEY.

You wanna come to real game where actual skill is required and in only one spot in the game can money give them an advantage look me up. Because ftp actually can compete ,show up whales, and use actual skill to show that all that money they spending only gonna reward them to have one small area of the game with the smallest rewards to brag about amongst each other. I constantly outshine whales with actual skill, stay in youtube streamers with skilled players who even with the money they have spent, have to actually deal with random boards and they make sure everyone has a chance to get the best rewards and the only thing a whale can get over you is a stupid title or icon. Whales there cannot bully events, shaft hard working players out of rewards, and can’t just wipe you out as meta shifts happen regularly and the game makes sure to add content so that you use all of your roster in different aspects of the game and don’t have 100s of heroes just collecting dust because they have no use in the game.

This game IS A ■■■■■ JOKE.


Actually, that’s a great idea. A simple report at the end of each board, counting tiles in each color that were present on the board during the fight, would make lots of sense and would be a good step towards settling the everlasting conflicts regarding boards manipulation…

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If there is a lie in there somewhere please show me

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I have seen something you described using a 5 year old lenovo android tablet. It looks like many moves are already processed, but the graphics is too slow, so you did not see that the enemies specials killed your team while you try to make the next move. Maybe your device lacks in graphical power too. Moving the profil to an other device this behaviour stopped.
This game is not perfect but for me its a lot of fun. If you dont like it look for something different or provide data for your claims. Without data accusing other forum member who worked hard to provide a lot of data concerning the random board questions is trolling!

Happy gaming

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Keeep it friendly please had a few flags on this topic.


That. That’s an untruth. Nobody says that. (Ignoring the strange word I assume is a typo, obviously.)

The only ones who claim that spending more improves your gameplay - as opposed to spending more improving your summoning results, which obviously it does barring the most dreadful luck - are the aforementioned conspiracy theorists. The ones who reckon SG monitors how much you spend and then sends you boards appropriate to what they feel you deserve. Or sometimes that the more you spend the worse the boards will be to make you spend even more; take your pick. Some seem to hold both contradictory views simultaneously.

I notice you’re still on your anti-replay crusade even though you apparently have nothing to do with E&P any more other than coming onto the community forum to diss it. One has to wonder who’s being paid by which developer in this scenario.


Just a question. What makes you think SG listen to “the eternal complaints”? If, as plenty of posters are very fond of saying, the “complainers” on here are a miniscule portion of the player base, why would SG pay them any heed?

Not looking to start an argument btw, I have no skin in the game (so to speak) as I no longer play, but I am curious as to your reasoning.

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Dr. Zodberg,. they are a small but vocal group. I recall very angry posts about certain costumes for Gravemaker, Finlay and many more were supposedly released in early spring. Whilst they were supposed to be additions and not the main thing (so pulling Finlay would give you Finlay and his costume) people were outraged about the heroes chosen by SG. Anyway, sadly nothing happened.
That’s just one example. I am not suggesting that SG always listens to complainers they do it too often imo.

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Ian 487,. Actually folks just need to answer one question:. What would SG gain by manipulating boards? The answer is nothing. Case closed.

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