Fix Raids Please

Sorry, Devs, but raids are one of the most poorly designed aspects of an otherwise great game. The mast majority of raids that I both win (and especially lose) are nonsense! You’ve made attackers way, way too dependent upon getting big combos early on. I get that a portion of gameplay is dependent on favorable RNG but the balance between that and strategy is way too skewed in favor of dependency on a favorable tile board upfront. Because of the way raids are currently designed, I can lose a match in 5 moves or less even though my team may all still be alive at that point. Is this “working as intended”?


  1. Either eliminate or drastically lower defender mana gain upon being hit. Especially if attackers are forced to hit a defender with an element it’s not weak against, this goes back to heavy dependency on a favorable tile board.

  2. Reduce defender normal attack damage to make it more in line with average attacker 3-tile damage. I get there is some variability based on troop and hero level, but I still don’t think it’s balanced regardless as evidenced by the fact I periodically lose to teams 200 TP lower than me!

  3. Stop matchmaking attacking teams with defenders more than 300 team points higher. It’s a waste of food resources re-rolling away from teams like that. There is literally about as much chance of attacking teams winning that match as there are winning a lottery jackpot. Does it happen? Yes, but the vast majority of people aren’t overnight millionaires either.

In closing, I really hate going into raids knowing that 9 times out 10, it doesn’t matter which heroes I use or how strong they are. I’d like there to be more consistency with wins or losses based on strategy and team synergy. You’ve just installed way too many disadvantages to attackers, and it makes that aspect of the game extremely un-enjoyable.

Raids are great; attackers have vast advantages; no changes are needed. (Well, one might reasonably argue that defenders could do with a bit of a boost.)

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The problem that frustrates me is when I get a matchup that I’m favored by 300-400 points and I get slaughtered! I have vivica as my healer but when the board comes down there’s like only 3 or so holy tiles that are not even close to each other… and throughout the raid I can’t even get her powered up once before all my heroes are killed… I realize it’s supposed to be “random” but when 3 of my 5 heroes are blinking red cuz they’re almost dead and there are zero holy tiles on the board? Ummm yeah ok, sure! It’s rigged to keep you paying… 3 steps forward, 2 steps back…

I’ve never noticed anything frustrating or overly difficult about raids. I win more than i lose and it’s a fun, yet challenging experience.

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It’s a pretty common gripe. I feel like, however, it comes down to player expectations more than anything. Set them appropriately (50% win rate is intended) and you’ll have a more fun experience.

Also, if you consider putting a B-Team in as your defense team, that might help give you match-ups that are more appropriate to your entire team on a whole, rather than having your B-Team try to live up to the defense levels set by your A-Team.

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Raids should be reduced to 100 trophies up and down and 250 level. That would be fair and it would benefit up and down. Also nobody would throw drinks and it would be balanced. And less frustrating, the gains and losses would be lower.

I dislike raids. I hate it when, as a newbie, I get raided by veterans with teams of heroes with a bazillion stars and levelled to a gazillion levels.

I get life isn’t fair, but this is a game and is therefore expected to be fun. So fix this issue and match teams based on Team score, NOT number of trophies! Thanks.

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