Fix raids now

A truly random board would be a great start. You honestly can not tell me boards are random when I get amazing boards while fighting titans, mediocre boards while playing map challenges and absolutely horrible boards on every raid. Stop letting each of the opponents heroes hit each of the challenger heroes each turn. They should only be a allowed to hit when their mana is full or their color tile is discharged. For each of their heroes to get a hit every flip is bs. Opponents mana should not refill at a rate 10x’s faster than the challenger. Again they should only gain mana if their color tile is discharged and at the normal amount, not double or triple. There is absolutely no reason I should lose to someone 500 points lower than me even once much less three straight times, and this happens regularly. Matches should be based on hero strength not trophy count. Many powerful players trophy drop to play lower leveled players and this is bs. All these BS issues make me wonder why in &$#@ I pay money for gems to summon heroes and for impossible to find ascension items. I’m frustrated to the point I’m about to stop playing the game altogether. I read the boards and these issues are complained about often and for a long long time which leads me to believe you people couldn’t care less about player opinions or satisfaction. I am absolutely fed up and you about to lose a customer who is not afraid to spend money on a game that is fair but refuses to spend another dime on this BS.

you should open a support ticket for this

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