Fix pvp please/ fix same element weak


It cost to much to reroll. I’ve spent a whole mornings worth trying to find an opponent. Fix the rate. If I win its +15 but if I loose its -50, it should be +15/-15.

If the attack is …element vs same element it should be 0/0 difference in damage. However it results in a weak hit, ie: water/fire or light/dark not earth/earth etc.


Ice on Ice (as well as fire on fire, nature on nature) produce neutral damage. Holy and Dark are the only two that are effective against the opposite, and weak against the same.


+15/-50 means the person you are attacking has fewer cups than you:

Reroll for a more favorable fight.


That’s understandable but what about the weak vs strong question I had in
the post? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you


Cups have nothing to do with strength. It costs almost nothing to re-roll, so I disagree strongly with that, but that may be a matter of perspective given that I’m likely farther along in the game (level 19 stronghold, almost always sitting at Max food) If re-rolling is really that hard on you, then there could be other aspects of the game that you can build up to help make this easier.

  1. Progress your training camps, there are cheaper ones later on that make much better use of your resources.
  2. Settle for partial wins. If you’re able to down a few heroes from a team, you’re still progressing your hero chest.
  3. Stop worrying about your hero chest till later in the game. The ranks from say 3,000 to 20,000 are insanely volatile. You’ll find lucky players with weak teams and massively powerful teams with 5* heroes across the board that just dropped cups over night to make their daily cups easier. Chest loot is nice, but it isn’t THAT great, and you’re better off pushing your resources into leveling your heroes and mines/farms/training camps.


And don’t forget to make use of revenges! If you’re stuck with a raid opponent that’s too tough to chew, you can go through your revenge options then and see if there’s somebody in your range to revenge. No re-roll cost, and you have a new opponent!

Also, regarding revenges in general, wait a bit for the player that raided you to grow in cups and/or resources and go get them!