FIX NEEDED - Legendary Training SKIP TIME



starting from the assumption that a Legendary Training matches exactly an Epic Token roll, I’d really like to bring to your attention the “SKIP TIME” amount for it.

Since, as said, it’s exactly as you are rolling an EpicToken, the skip time cannot cost more than the EpicToken cost.

Indeed, frankly speaking, it should cost also a bit less, because to start a Legendary Training you have to spend a lot of resources (297,000 FOOD and 100 Recruits).

I think this “SKIP WAIT” cost should not follow the standard path as the others.
For Example it should start from 300 Gems (to be more fair, as said before, it should start from even less, given the resources you spent to start it, maybe from 280…), and slowly decreasing during the 48 hours.

At today, for example, one of my Training Camps has a queue of 7 trainings and to skip I’m supposed to spend around 6000 gems while with the same amount I can buy 23 Epic Tokens.



That sounds ridiculous high, insane! The Price of 6000 Gems for 7 Heros. That would be 857 Gems for 1 Hero.
Sounds like the Mob has come to E&P :wink:


Skip time cost appear to mostly be based on time remaining… when we’re talking long running TC trainings, yup, it’s going to be pricey gem wise.

Bad use of gems as noted by the OP.


I doubt Legendary Training is the same as an EPIC token roll. The odds of getting a 4* and 5* are probably in (1-5% chance) whereas an EPIC token roll could be 10-20% range. I agree that skip time should be much less but if you have the gems why not do an EPIC summon instead. Legendary Training is for people who wants to try and train a 4* or 5* for free which could take them months to get.


Commenting on the odds for the Legendary camp… I have done only 22 trains in it and have already received 2x4* heroes. I know this is a very small amount of data collection, but I’m thinking that the odds to pull certain levels of heroes are very different than Epic training camps, or the summon gate. I do feel that is worth more gems. Whether it’s worth another 550 gems above a shot at the summons gate, I don’t know.


Wow that is crazy. 4x5* heroes with only 22 trains? Might need to start speeding up my TC to get it to 20 quicker…lol

TC20 should have better odds to get Legendary Heroes since it takes you 6-9months of continuous playing without gemming to get there. That investment should be rewarded. :slight_smile:


Sorry Jaz, I think I was asleep when I posted this. I have edited my post. should have been 2x4*. though I should note that #25 train was Lianna, and now #31 was another 4*. ( I stopped training Legendary so I could level up my new heroes!)


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