Fix my castle, please?

This texture is killing me.

Please, fix the black spots in my castle tower. It’s nothing but it really botters me.



it’s not just the castle

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Thanks. That makes me feel worse xD

This problem has not been fixed for a long time. :roll_eyes:
Does anyone know if they will solve it soon?

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I see many beach balls and palm trees, and the same mistake remains. Please fix it, I don´t think it’s too hard to fix.

I have a p9 huawei. Android 7.0, isn´t a hardware problem.

Haha, I’m not the only one bugged by the sloppy editing team.
Very poor QC

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Never noticed that before…now it can’t be unseen!!! :scream:


This is clearly battle damage from an attack by the reality-warping power of the Dark Lord.

Months of titan attacks and insurgent Darlkings have left their scars on the very fabric of Correllia.

Rather than complain about the cosmetic defect, instead pity the poor peasants sucked into the void leaving behind their families.

For every poor soul destined to oblivion, the survivors place a large, colourful sphere…

It is nothing to do with sloppy programming!

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All those spots are greyed over in my stronghold.

Replace your videocard. Proffit.


I don´t want to be tedious, another update, follow the same problem.
I know that many people have the same problem.

The forum is supposed to really solve problems.
The time that you have without fixing it´s already excessive.

P.S. I hope that some developer read this message and take a quick solution.

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I have written directly to the support. I’ll write when there’s news :wink:

They have responded quickly, have apologized and will try to solve it.



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