Fix my boss wolf

Please fix boss wolf. His mana speed is very slow. He dies before his mana is full in raids. Please make him a better 5 star hero.

Hey @Dessertrose, what level is your Boss Wolf at? He is actually a very powerful hero, if used in the correct way. For example, he is a formidable tank - E&P staff revealed he has a higher win rate than Guinevere.

You’ll have to learn to work with the mana speed, as that will certainly not change. To the best of my knowledge, E&P has never changed the speed of a hero, post-release. A mana troop will help - even one at level one will change Boss Wolf from 14 tiles to charge to 13. If you level that mana troop to level 23 you’ll move down to 12 tiles to charge (which is the same as a slow hero).


Please please please don’t make boss wolf stronger. I don’t need that in my raids.

I will happily fight guin over BW.


3/60. I’m using him with Seshat but still I’m not satisfied with his mana speed.

finish to 3.70, and after that try again… at 4.80 he should be strong enough to cast at least once I think.


The problem here seems to be two fold:

  1. You seem relatively uninformed about the way mana speeds work. It isn’t clear to me if my first post was helpful to you or not, if you knew those breakpoints already, or what speed you hope to bring Boss Wolf to. So I’d suggest reading at least this thread, though some further searching and learning about mana speed would probably benefit you.

  2. It feels like you’re expecting Boss Wolf to be fast, which is unrealistic - funnily, even the buff from his special skill, Seshat’s element link, and a maxed mana troop won’t accomplish that. To the extent that this complaint is merely a product of your expectations being unreasonable, I’m not really sure how to address that.

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A level 23 mana troop gets him down to Slow (12 tiles). I’d imagine he’s pretty punishing at that point.


Wait looking at these max stats…he’s probably the heaviest tank in the game! I’m assuming he’s useful for that more than the other stuff?

I’m sure with a healer he would be able to survive to fire off his special at least once though, and since his attack is so low I would also put him with some fast mana high attack heroes, I see him being good with a stack.

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